About the Department - Synergy of Eight Disciplines

The department of humanities was established in the year 2002. It has diverse subjects like Journalism, English Literature, Computer Science, History and Political Science apart from languages. It has an inter-disciplinary approach to teaching-learning methods that cater to students from multicultural background. The department provides a nurturing ground for students who are creative resourceful and dynamic. The objective of the department is to ensure holistic development of every student towards academic and co-curricular excellence. This is made possible by providing a value enabled professional teaching system for an overall development. Moreover, the Department has been consistently securing excellent university results since its inception, in terms of university ranks and distinctions.

The department offers a vista of courses viz., JPCS, JPEng, HTJ, HEP, JPolEng following the triple major system and specialising in subjects like English, Journalism, Psychology, History, Political Science, and Computer Science respectively.

To equip students with additional inputs with regard to their subjects, the department has initiated various practical skills like counselling, soft skills and remedial grammar classes. The department has taken an initiative in suggesting to the Board of Studies on syllabus. Some of the faculty members have represented the college and have worked in the text book committee and syllabus revision while following university patterned syllabus.

The success rate of the department for past two years was 91.11% and 84.62% respectively.