M.Sc Counselling Psychology 2018

 Course Code  Course Title
 MPC204A11  Theories of Counselling
 MPC204A12  Human Development
 MPC204A13  Foundations of Professional Counselling
 MPC204A14  Quantitative Research Methods
 MPC2L4A11  Assessment for Counselling Practical
 MPC2L4A12  Computer Applications in Behavioural Sciences Practical
 MPY402A11  Biological Basis of Behaviour
 Course Code  Course Title
 MPC204A21  Theories of Psychotherapy
 MPC204A22  Psychopathology
 MPC204A23  Theoretical foundations of Group Counselling
 MPC204A24  Qualitative Research Methods
 MPC2L4A21  Counselling Skills Practical
 MPC2P2A21  Minor Project
 MPY402A21  Rehabilitation Counselling
 MRC5R2A01  Research Colloquium
 Course Code  Course Title
 MPC204A31  Psychology of Personality
 MPC204A32  Child and Adolescent Counselling
 MPC204A33  Educational and Career Counselling
 MPC2L4A31  Techniques of individual Counselling
 MPC2L4A32  Process of Group Counselling
   As per Annexure II
 Course Code  Course Title
 MPC204A41  Alternative Healing Practices
 MPC204A42  Couple and Family Therapy
 MPC204A43  Workplace Counselling
 MPC2P6A41  Research Oriented Practical and Dissertation
 MPC2I4A41  Internship
 MPY5A2A01  Psychoeducation and Field Work
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