2nd Convocation of Bengaluru North University

UG/PG Students whose Reg. nos. starting with 18 and PG Students Reg. nos. starting with 19 are eligible to apply for the 2nd Annual Convocation of Bengaluru North University

Notification No. Ex-II/2nd CONVOCATION/2022 dated 04.07.2022

Applications are invited for award of the Degree Certificates for students from UG 2018-19 Batch, PG 2019-20 Batch and PG students of 2018 Batch (who missed applying for convocation certificate during 1st Annual convocation) for the 2nd Convocation of Bengaluru North University. Only those candidates who have been declared successful in the Degree Examinations conducted till December 2021 are eligible to apply.

Submission of application form and fee payment procedures:
Students are requested to download the application form (attached herewith) and fill in the relevant details, affix their photographs (with white background), sign the form and upload the form through the link given below. The “payment details” column on the application form is inapplicable and can be ignored. Students are requested to pay the fee online after uploading their applications along with all semester marks cards including the supplementary marks cards (if any).

The link: https://portal.kristujayanti.edu.in/register-2nd-convocation-of-bengaluru-north-university
a. Convocation fee for Indian Nationals : Rs. 2350/-
b. Convocation fee for Foreign Nationals : Rs. 8790/-

Last date for submission of duly filled applications 7th July 2022

1. The candidate while filling the convocation application should write their name in full as registered in the Examination. The students are also required to provide / submit the information about their optional / electives / specialization subject opted by them and copies of all semester marks cards.
2. The candidate should invariably enter their Contact address / telephone nos. / Mobile No. / Email ID on the application for further correspondence, if any.
3. The candidates should ensure that the particulars entered in the application forms tally with details in the marks cards regarding name and subject of study and marks obtained, etc.
4. The convocation fee once paid will not be refunded or re-adjusted for the next convocation.
5. Only those candidates who have been declared successful in the Degree Examination conducted till December 2021 are eligible to apply.
6. The candidate while filling out the convocation application form should affix their recent passport size photographs (with a white background) without fail.
8. The application forms can be downloaded on the College website https://alumni.kristujayanti.edu.in/. Candidates while filling the applications should write their names as registered in the examinations and other details in CAPITAL LETTERS ONLY.
9. Incomplete & incorrect applications and inadequate sets of marks cards will not be considered by the university and no correspondence will be entertained in this matter. Students should upload the complete set of all the semester marks cards including the supplementary marks cards (If any).

Steps to be followed and documents to be kept ready before paying the fee.

  • i. Download the application form [CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD]
  • ii. Fill in the details (in capital letters only)
  • iii. Affix recent passport size photo (with a white background only)
  • iv. Please execute your signature where so indicated
  • v. Check whether all the copies of marks cards are available including the supplementary marks cards (if any)
  • vi. Proof of current status:
  • A copy of Company ID Card / Offer letter, if employed.
  • A copy of College ID card if pursuing higher studies.

Students who are not currently working or pursuing studies can submit a duly signed declaration on a plain sheet and upload the same.


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