Library Advisory Committee Members

Fr. Dr. Augustine George
Chairperson LAC

Fr. Lijo P Thomas
Vice Principal & Financial Administrator
Member LAC

Fr. Emmanuel P J
Director, Kristu Jayanti College of Law
Member LAC

Fr. Joshy Mathew
Director, Library and Information Centre Member LAC

Fr. Deepu Joy
Director, Student Welfare Officer
Member LAC

Dr. Aloysius Edward J
Dean, Faculty of Commerce and Management, Member LAC

Dr. Calistus Jude A L
Dean, Faculty of Sciences
Member LAC

Dr. Gopakumar A
Dean, Faculty of Humanities
Member LAC

Bino Joseph
Faculty of Electronics
Member LAC

Lt. Sarvesha B S
Head Dept. of Kannada
Member LAC

Mr. Harish D N
Chief Librarian

Mr. Prabhu C
Librarian KJC of Law
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