Student Research Symposium

National Level Student Research Symposium (SRS 2021)
The department of Computer Science [PG] organized a national level student research symposium on 27th October 2021. It was a platform to bring in all researchers to share their new findings with the global community. SRS 2021 received papers with some scientific insights from all over the nation. The papers were peer reviewed and selected papers were presented during the symposium. Technical enablement was another key highlight of the symposium. Keynote session was given by Dr.Santhi Thilagam, Professor from NIT Surathkal, Karnataka, India on Deep Learning Trends and Applications. Another technical session titled “Cybersecurity-Catch up or Catch all !” was given by Mr.Anubhav Wahie, Regional Leader- Cybersecurity Solutions, Cisco, India .

There were two tracks for paper presentation for the Inter/Intra participants to demonstrate their new findings.

The program was concluded with another interesting new area of artificial intelligence on explainable AI by Mr. Soma Dhavala, Principal Researcher, Wadhwani AI, India on “XAI: All explanations are right! Some of them are useful! ” Total beneficiaries were around 200 who actively involved and enhanced their knowledge through this program.

Student Research Symposium (SRS)
The Department of Computer Science (PG) organized a unique event Student Research Symposium to disseminate new knowledge acquired through research conducted by the academic community. The symposium also promoted healthy interaction between the students and research scholars of various Institutes.

The third edition of the National Level Student Research Symposium was held on 18 September 2019. The day began with an inaugural session, the welcome address was delivered by Prof. Velmurugan, Convenor of SRS followed by the inaugural address by Rev. Dr. Augustine George, Vice- Principal. The chief guest of the day was Mr. Sudeendra Koushik, Chair IEEE Bangalore Chief Innovator & Co-Founder at Prasu (Innovation Consultation Company) who delivered the keynote address on “Technology, Disruption, Research and Innovation”. The inaugural session was concluded with the Vote of Thanks delivered by Ms. Lincy Joseph of 2nd M.Sc., the Student Coordinator of SRS. It was followed by a Technical Session and the resource person was Mr. Abhishek Appaji, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Medical Electronics, B M S College of Engineering (BMSCE) and the topic was “Demystified Data Science and Machine Learning”.

The last session of the day was the Paper Presentation session where the students of our college and from other colleges presented their papers on different fields of Information Technology. More than 45 research papers were submitted by student researchers from all over the country, out of which 10 papers were selected and presented after the scrutiny from subject experts. The student paper presentation was conducted in two different venues and was chaired by Dr. A. Muruganantham and Dr. P. Ambika, the faculty members of the Department of Computer Science [PG].

The symposium provided a forum which allows exchanging knowledge, experience, results and information related to various aspects of emerging technologies.

Student Research Symposium
Date: 11-September-2018
Time: 10.00 AM
Venue: Conference Hall 2 (PG Block)
Participants (Name, Roll No, Class): MCA
Number of beneficiaries: 110
Resource Person: Mr. Jeeva Chelladhurai, Mr. Mustameer Khan

The aim of the symposium which allows exchanging knowledge, experience and results and information related to various aspects of emerging technologies.

A National Level Student Research Symposium was organized by Department of Computer Science (PG). Mr. Jeeva Chelladhurai (Founder, Comorin Consulting Services, Bengaluru) was the chief guest of the program. The inaugural ceremony started with the welcome address by Prof. Muruganantham, convenor of the symposium followed by the presidential address was given by Fr. Augustine George, Vice Principal. The chief guest during inaugural address explains about the evolution of technology and a video which is related to Artificial Intelligence and machine learning.

The first technical session was presented by Mr. Mustameer Khan (Product Manager, SAP, Bengaluru) with technology on warehouse automation done by Amazon, he also briefed about ‘Go Game’ which was an automated analysing game. The application analyse the game moves of international champion for 6 months during the game application defeated the champion by its own analysed automated moves. He also explained about automated robotics in police field with a cheetah robot as an example which is much faster than the fastest human being.

The second technical session was presented by Mr. Jeeva Chelladurai. He explains about docker technology. He also had shown practically how to run snippets to create a docker. Post lunch session started with Paper presentation by research scholar and students. The session chaired by Dr. Kumar R and Dr. Ambika. P.

National Level Student Research Symposium
National Level Student Research Symposium was organized by the department of Computer Science (PG) for the Research Scholars from various colleges by Dr.Seyed Mohamed Buhari, Professor, Department of Information Technology, King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Mr.Jomy Jose, Deputy Head- Delivery L&T Infotech, Bangalore, Dr. Mohan Kumar R, Country Head, Wearable Technologies AG, Bangalore on 31st August 2017.

Dr. Syed Mohammad Buhari said “No means- new opportunity”. He urged the students to do research and never stop the effort even if someone says no.

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