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Grounded on an obligation to skill oriented approach to Social Work, the Department of Social Work equips students for exceptional Social Work practice since its inception in 2003. Rooted in social justice and human rights, the Department constantly strives to prepare professionals who could make a marked difference in the society without compromising on ethics and values of the profession. The budding Social Work students are provided with umpteen numbers of opportunities to build their knowledge and skills on the foundational values of social fairness and a compassionate society. Our emphasis is on analytical enquiry and intellectual curiosity through experiential learning by the amalgamation of theory, practice and research. Subject experts on current areas of Social Work have been on and off invited for lectures for the benefit of students to get a better understanding of social realities. The curriculum of the course is designed in such a way that it keeps pace with the changing times across the globe and testimony to this fact is all our alumni are personally, professionally and socially successful in their professional endeavors. Through rigorous field practicum, our students are aggressively engaged in academic, practical and specialized skill development in preparation for their 'yet to come' roles as capable and responsible social workers and campaigners of progressive social change. We endure to construct partnerships with the civil society organizations and Social Work community across India so that our students could move in bravely the multifaceted realm of Social Work. Our interdisciplinary collaboration has enabled our students to get employed in government sectors, civil society organizations and private sectors.

The dedicated faculty who draw from a strong contemporary curriculum and their own hands-on experience of the Department of Social Work have been engaging in many research and consultancy activities on a wide range of Social Work arenas comprising the Socio Economic Assessment of Services of NGOs, Violence Against Children, Emotional Health of Youth, Coping With Stress Through Life Skills, Corporate Social Responsibility, Capacity Mapping of Partner NGOs, Development and Validation of Community Based Training Model, Academic Bullying, Mental Health of Students and Quality of Life of Adolescents etc. Our college is also a nodal center for Life Skills Education in Karnataka under the auspices of the Department of Social Work.

We offer Master's Degree in Social Work (MSW) with three specializations namely Social Development, Medical & Psychiatry and Human Resource Management as well as PhD Social Work. The Department of Social Work, Kristu Jayanti College seeks to echo a varied pupil population and welcomes students from all social, ethnic, racial, and spiritual backgrounds and aptitudes.

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