MCOM FA 2022

 Course Code  Course Title
 MCF204B11  Advanced Accounting
 MFA204B12  Audit standards practice and controls
 MFA204B13  Behavioral Finance
 MFA204B14  Economics for Business Decisions
 MCF204B15  Research Methodology and Data Analysis using SPSS
 MFA402B11  Executive self-development
 Course Code  Course Title
 MFA204B21  Corporate Reporting Practices
 MFA204B22  Strategic Cost Management
 MCF204B23  Financial Modeling using E Views
 MFA204B24  Direct Taxation
 MFA204B25  Security Analysis and Portfolio Management
 MCF402B21  Entrepreneurship and Startup management
 Course Code  Course Title
 MFA204B31  Corporate Laws and Governance
 MFA204B32  Advanced Management Accounting
 MFA204B33  International Financial Management
 MCFB04B32  International Banking
 MCFB04B32  Direct Tax Planning
   As per Annexure III
 MEX5A2A01  Extension Activity
 Course Code  Course Title
 MCF204B41  Indirect Taxes and GST
 MFA204B42  International Accounting
 MCFB04B41  Derivative Markets and Instruments
 MCFB04B42  Wealth Management
 MFA204B43  Strategic Financial Management
 MCF2P4B41  Project Report and Viva Voce
 MOL504B01  Online Course
 MRP5R2A01  Research Paper Presentation/ Publication
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