MA JMC 2022

 Course Code  Course Title
 MJC204B11  Introduction to Communication
 MJC204B12  Media Laws and Ethics
 MJC204B13  Reporting and Writing
 MJC204B14  Advanced Editing Techniques
 MJC204B15  Photojournalism
 MJC2L2A11  Lab Journal Production [Practical]
 MJC2L2A12  Photo Feature Production [Practical]
 MJC402B11  Introduction to Design Concepts
 Course Code  Course Title
 MJC204A21  Media Research
 MJC204B22  Theories of Communication
 MJC204B23  Radio Journalism
 MJC204B24  Introduction to Film Studies
 MJC204B25  Advertising Marketing
 MJC204B26  New Media Journalism
 MJC2L2B21  Radio Documentary Production [Practical]
 MJC2L2A22  New Media Production [Practical]
 Course Code  Course Title
 MJC204B31  Development Communication
 MJC204B32  Television Journalism
 MJC204B33  Corporate Communication
 MJC2L2A31  Video News Production [Practical]
 Elective Course [Any one to be opted]
 MJCA04A31  Business Journalism
 MJCB04B31  Data Journalism and Visualization
   As per Annexure III
 MJC402A31  Environmental Communication
 ECE [Any one to be opted]
 MEX5A2A01  Extension Activity
 MIP5R2A01  In-house Publication
 Course Code  Course Title
 MJC204A41  Media Management
 MJC2L2A42  Advertising Production [Practical]
 MJC2I4A41  Internship
 MJC2P6A41  Dissertation
 Elective Courses [Any one to be opted]
 MJCA04A41  Magazine Journalism
 MJCB04A41  Technical Writing
 Elective Courses [Any one to be opted]
 MJCAP2B41  Short Film Production
 MJCBP2B41  Documentary Production
 MJCCP2B41  Corporate Communication Production
 MJCDP2B41  Magazine Production
 ECE [Any one to be opted]
 MOL502A01  Online Course
 MRP5R2A01  Research Paper Presentation/ Publication
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