Course Code  Course Title
 1  Theoretical Foundations of Behaviour
 2  Cognitive Neuroscience I
 3  Social Psychology
 4  Quantitative Research Methods
 5  Memory, Thinking and Learning Practical
 6  Computer Based Cognitive Neuroscience Assessments Practical
 7  Academic Writing Skills
 Course Code  Course Title
 1  Cognitive Neuroscience II
 2  Life Span Psychology
 3  Applied Fields in Psychology
 4  Qualitative Research Methods
 5  Statistics in Behavioural Sciences
 6  Personality Assessment Practical
 7  SPSS Practical
 8  Research Paper Presentation/ Publication
 9  Online Course specified by the Department
 Course Code  Course Title
 1  Positive and Indigenous Psychology
 2  General Elective
 Specialization groups [ Any ONE to be opted]
 Clinical Psychology
 3  Clinical Psychology I
 4  Psychotherapeutics I
 5  Clinical Assessments Practical
 6  Screening Test for Children Practical
 7  Human Resource Psychology
 Industrial Psychology and HRM
 3  Human Resource Management
 4  Human Resource Development
 5  Human Resource Assessment Practical
 6  Organizational Behaviour Profiling Practical
 7  Psychopathology
 Course Code  Course Title
 1  Alternative Healing Practices
 2  Research Oriented Practical and Dissertation
 3  Internship
 4  Psychoeducation and Field work
 Specialization groups [ Any ONE to be opted]
 Clinical Psychology
 5  Clinical Psychology II
 6  Psychotherapeutics II
 Industrial Psychology and HRM
 5  Organizational Behaviour
 6  Industrial Relations and Labour law
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