MSC FS 2023

 Course Code  Course Title
 MFS204A11  General Forensic Science and Criminal Law
 MFS204A12  Crime Scene Management and Quality Assurance
 MFS204A13  Forensic Biology and Serology
 MFS204A14  Forensic Physics and Ballistics
 MFS2L4A11  Forensic Science and Crime Scene Management Practical
 MFS2L4A12  Forensic Physics and Biology Practical
 MFS402A11  Forensic Psychology
 Course Code  Course Title
 MFS204A21  Questioned Document and Fingerprint Examination
 MFS204A22  Cyber Forensics and Cyber Security
 MFS204A23  Forensic Chemistry and Toxicology
 MFS204A24  Instrumentation
 MFS2L4A21  Questioned Document, Fingerprint and Cyber Forensics Practical
 MFS2L4A22  Forensic Chemistry, Toxicology and Instrumentation Practical
 MFS402A21  Forensic Photography
 MEX5A1A01  Extension Activity
 Course Code  Course Title
 MFS203A31  Research Methodology and Statistics
 Elective Courses [Any ONE from each group to be opted]
 Group 1
 MFSA04A31  Handwriting and Signature Examination
 MFSA04A32  Fingerprint Analysis
 MFSA04A33  Instrumentation in Questioned Document and Fingerprint
 MFSAL4A31  Handwriting and Signature Examination Practical
 MFSAL2A32  Fingerprint Analysis Practical
 Group 2
 MFSB04A31  Digital Forensics
 MFSB04A32  Network Forensics
 MFSB04A33  Incident Response Management
 MFSBL4A31  Digital Forensics Practical
 MFSBL2A32  Network Forensics Practical
 Group 3
 MFSC04A31  Forensic Genetics and Anthropology
 MFSC04A32  Advanced Forensic Serology
 MFSC04A33  Forensic Pharmacology
 MFSCL4A31  Forensic Genetics and Serology Practical
 MFSCL2A32  Forensic Pharmacology Practical
   Generic Elective
 MFS402A31  Economic Offences
 MIE5I2A01  Industry Institution Exposure
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