Department of Political Science

Defacto: “Defacto” is the annual newsletter of the Political Science Department, a vibrant publication created by the students. Each edition of “Defacto” explores a pertinent theme, offering insightful commentary, creative works, and articles. Led by passionate coordinators, the newsletter serves as a platform for students to engage in intellectual discourse, share their perspectives, and foster a culture of excellence within the department. Through its diverse content and collaborative spirit, “Defacto” encapsulates the essence of student-driven exploration and contributes to the dynamic academic community of the Political Science Department.

DeJure: “DeJure” is the first annual magazine of MA Public Administration. It offers a platform to showcase the collective endeavors and contributions of the students. Through insightful articles, research highlights, and thought-provoking essays, the magazine provides readers with a glimpse into the diverse perspectives and innovative ideas emerging from the student body. As a testament to their commitment to academic excellence and professional growth, “DeJure” encapsulates the passion and dedication of the students. The magazine aims to foster a sense of community and collaboration, empowering students to share their voices and make meaningful contributions to the discourse surrounding public policy and governance. Embodied within “DeJure” is the spirit of exploration and discovery, inspiring students to push the boundaries of knowledge and make a lasting impact in the public sector and beyond.

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