Department of Psychology

Pravaha: When we are actively involved in trying to reach a goal that is challenging and best suited to our skills we experience a joyful state of consciousness- signifying Pravaha or the conscious streaming of flow. The launch of Annual theme based magazine Pravaha in the year 2015 was a major step for the Department of Psychology. Each issue focuses on a new subject matter paving a wider understanding into the versatility of human mind. It opens a creative forum where students can contribute their reflections on psychology in any original form like articles, poems, short stories, sketch and painting. The magazine also tries to present the activities of the department for the specified academic year.

MERAKI: Meraki is the quarterly newsletter by the Department of Psychology, Kristu Jayanti College (Autonomous). 'Meraki’ denotes love, happiness, and creation. Through this newsletter, the department aims to voice out the different aspects and approaches to psychology and to spread awareness about psychology and mental health.

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