About EIC

Entrepreneurship and Innovation Centre was established on 2nd august, 2013 with the mission of encouraging the students to acquire the knowledge and skill to be a successful entrepreneur.

Our Vision is to inspire the students to become job creator by inculcating the entrepreneurial spirit into them and provide the platform to inspired budding entrepreneur who has the innate impulse to innovate, take risks & shoulder social responsibility.

Keeping the fact of growing competition in mind, in the present era entrepreneurship is inseparable from innovation. Motivated by this vision, Entrepreneurship Development Cell is renamed as Entrepreneurship and Innovation Centre and a passionate group of people are working to persuade an entrepreneurial attitude into the students and to imbibe an innovative spark in them.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation Centre is a member of Wadhwani Foundation’s NEN which is a vibrant entrepreneurship network enabling access to mentors, investors and tools for growth of the EIC members.

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