Programmes on UBA

Independence Day Celebration
Kristu Jayanti College Autonomous celebrated India's 77th Independence Day on August 15, 2023. The volunteers, joined by NCC cadets, as well as volunteers from NSS, KCDC, CSA, and Red Cross, gathered at the college campus at 7:00 AM. Faculty members from various departments were also in attendance.

Dr. Joseph Charles Tamilmaran D, the coordinator of the MBA Programme, served as the Chief Resource person for Independence Day. The event took place in the presence of distinguished individuals including Fr. Dr. Augustine George, Principal of Kristu Jayanti College, Fr. Lijo P Thomas, Vice Principal and Chief Finance Officer, Fr. Som Zacharia, Director of Infrastructure Planning and Development, Fr. Deepu Joy, Director of Student Welfare Office, Faculty Member from the Department of Life Sciences, Fr. Jais V Thomas, Financial Administrator, and Faculty Member in Commerce and Management at Kristu Jayanti College Autonomous.

After the flag-hoisting ceremony, Dr. Joseph Charles Tamilmaran D delivered a speech emphasizing the significance of Independence Day in the lives of all Indians. He encouraged the volunteers to continue their efforts towards India's development and upliftment, while honoring the sacrifices made by those who laid down their lives for the country's cause.

In summary, Independence Day served as a solemn and inspiring occasion for the UBA volunteers, reinforcing the importance of the Constitution and the sacrifices made for India's freedom.

UBA Annual Special Camp 2023 - 24
Jayantian Extension Services – UBA Volunteers embarked on a transformative journey as they reached their respective residences at 10:30 am, their hearts brimming with anticipation and eagerness to serve. Accommodated at Kristu Jayanti CMI School, Kannamangala, the girl volunteers swiftly transitioned to the campsite, immersing themselves in the tasks at hand. With diligence, they sorted and recounted implements, ensuring nothing was amiss, guided by the ethos of selflessness. Under the stewardship of UBA Programme officer, Dr. Sreedhara PD, the volunteers were enlightened on the camp's objectives, emphasizing learning, cooperation, and service. Divided into five groups, named Agni, Jala, Vayu, Akasha, and Bhoomi, they fervently prepared materials for the tuition program, their spirits high with the prospect of enriching rural communities.

As dawn broke on Day 2, the volunteers converged at the Primary Government School of Byatha Village, ready to engage in Shramadhaan, a testament to their commitment to community welfare. The day unfolded with meticulous cleanliness drives, a tangible manifestation of their dedication to societal betterment. Amidst shared meals and spirited sports, bonds strengthened, fostering a sense of camaraderie and purpose. Dr. Sreedhara PD's guidance illuminated the path forward, infusing each volunteer with renewed zeal for the days ahead, echoing the timeless adage, "Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth."

Day 3 dawned with renewed resolve as the volunteers descended upon Byatha Village, their hands and hearts united in service. They meticulously cleared roads, transforming them into pristine pathways, symbolizing their commitment to environmental stewardship. Guided by Dr. Sreedhara PD, they immersed themselves in cultural exchanges and educational endeavors, embodying the ethos of altruism. The day's lessons underscored the profound truth, "We make a new life by what we give," resonating deeply with each volunteer's sense of purpose.

With the arrival of Day 4, the volunteers ventured to Gundu Thopu, their efforts focused on revitalizing neglected spaces, their actions speaking volumes about their dedication to community revitalization. In the presence of esteemed guests, including a high court judge, they gleaned insights into the workings of justice, reaffirming their commitment to upholding the law. As the day drew to a close, Dr. Sreedhara PD charted the course for the morrow, underscoring the importance of continued dedication and service.

Day 5 commenced with fervor as the volunteers embarked on Shramadan, their efforts spanning diverse temples, infusing each space with a sense of reverence and renewal. Engaging sessions on Ayurveda and horticulture further enriched their understanding, reinforcing the interconnectedness of health and environmental sustainability. Amidst interactions with village elders and NGO representatives, bonds deepened, fostering a sense of kinship and shared purpose.

The penultimate day, Day 6, unfolded with a focus on healthcare, as volunteers facilitated free eye check-ups and health consultations, embodying the spirit of compassion and empowerment. An expert talk by Dr. Anjanappa T M underscored the importance of preventive healthcare, empowering volunteers with knowledge to effect positive change in their communities. As the day drew to a close, reflections on the day's events served as a poignant reminder of the impact of collective action in fostering well-being and resilience.

Day 7 marked the culmination of the volunteers' journey, as they engaged in a final cleanup drive, leaving the campsite pristine as a testament to their commitment to environmental stewardship. Guided by Dr. Sreedhara PD, the volunteers reflected on their experiences, their voices shaping the future of UBA camps to come. As they bid farewell, their hearts filled with gratitude and purpose, they carried forth the lessons learned, ready to continue their journey of service and advocacy for a brighter tomorrow.

Inter-Collegiate Fest-Prayaag-24
Participating in the inter-collegiate fest held from 15th to 16th February 2024 was an exhilarating experience for Jayantian Extension Service – Unnat Bharat Abhiyan (UBA), especially for Kristu Jayanthi College, as it encompassed a diverse range of competitions showcasing our versatility and prowess. Each member of our team excelled in multiple events, from intense debates to electrifying dance-offs, demonstrating our passion and precision in every task. Among the numerous highlights were dominating debates, dazzling dance performances, photography, chalk art, plane crash simulations, quizzes, and Just A Minute (JAM) sessions. Beyond individual achievements, our collective spirit and camaraderie set us apart, as we supported and encouraged each other through every challenge, forging bonds that strengthened our resolve. After two days of intense competition, Kristu Jayanti College emerged triumphant, clinching the overall championship title, validating our hard work, dedication, and talent, and reinforcing the spirit of teamwork within our institution. This victory serves as a testament to our skills and determination, earning accolades from both peers and mentors alike, marking the fest as a resounding success for Kristu Jayanti College.

Renovation of Government Hospital
The Jayantian Extension Service – Unnat Bharat Abhiyan (UBA) spearheaded the renovation of the Urban Primary Health Center K.Narayanapura, aiming to uplift healthcare infrastructure and services for the community. This comprehensive project involved sanitizing and disinfecting all areas, conducting deep cleaning of medical equipment and furniture, and removing clutter to create a more organized environment. Additionally, inventory checks were conducted to ensure adequate supplies and to eliminate expired medicines, while updating posters and banners throughout the facility enhanced communication and promoted health education. The installation of new posters and banners reflected the hospital's mission and values, while equipment upgrades further enhanced patient care and diagnosis.The successful execution of this outreach program has significantly improved healthcare services in the community, creating a safer, more welcoming, and efficient environment for both patients and staff. Ongoing efforts will be dedicated to maintaining these improvements and continuing to provide high-quality healthcare services to the community. The dedication and hard work of the UBA team have made a tangible difference in the lives of the populace, exemplifying the impact of collaborative efforts in healthcare infrastructure enhancement.

Voter’s Registration and Awareness Program 2022
The Unnat Bharat Abhiyan (UBA) and Department of Political Science, Kristu Jayanti College Autonomous, in collaboration with BBMP, organized a Voter ID registration drive from 22nd to 25th November 2022. The registrations took place in Main Block, MBA block and the Admin block in the college campus over a course of 4 days. More than 300 students were enrolled in the voter’s list. The UBA Volunteers diligently completed the registrations for several of the students who were voting for the first time in their lives. The final year students of Political Science department also joined in aiding the volunteers to complete the registrations.

The drive was concluded with voter’s awareness rally on 25th November from Kristu Jayanti College to K. Narayanapura Main Road. The rally was conducted with the help of civil authorities from BBMP. Students held placards, distributed pamphlets in Kannada to create awareness among the people about the importance of voting.

UBA Special Camp October 2022-23
The volunteers were motivated to serve selflessly and do their assigned duties.The volunteers were assigned with the shramadhan activities and to clean the surroundings of government school and building. The teaching team were assigned to teach various lessons in Kannada and Hindi to students of various grades. A session by Dr. Mukthambika, an eminent ayurvedic professional with over 25 years of experience in the field was lively and interesting, where traditional medicinal practices in India were explained in brief to enrich the volunteers’ knowledge on the traditional medicines. The legal awareness programme was conducted in commemoration of National Legal Aid Day. The guest for the were Hon’ble Justice Jaishankar of Karnataka High Court, and Civil Judge Vignesh Kumar, and Dr. Mohan Rao Bolla, Principal, Kristu Jayanti College of Law. The visits from the fathers, namely Kristu Jayanti College Autonomous Principal Rev. Dr. Fr. Augustine George, Jayantian Extension Services Director Fr. Jais V Thomas, motivated the volunteers with their inspiring words and inspired them to commit themselves to social service. The guest lecture on health by Dr. Anjanappa TM was a major event of the day. He is an eminent gastroenterologist and international surgeon, and medical professor. The eye camp team from Rangalakshmi Netralaya and the blood camp team from Rotaract Nexus led by Mr. Shashi. Another highlight of the event was the guest lecture by Puneeth P.V, from the Department of Horticulture.

Independence Day Celebration
The UBA volunteers of Kristu Jayanti College along with the faculty and other students assembled in the college ground. To witness the flag hoisting programme by the senior authorities of Kristu Jayanti College on the account of the 75th Independence Day. This taught the volunteers the importance of patriotism and respect for the country and the national flag. It was then followed by the address by the chief guest and principal who encouraged the students to fight against corruption and be better citizens of this country.

Van Mahotsav - Adopt a Sampling
Jayantian Extension Service Unnat Bharat Abhiyan – (UBA) organized Van Mahotsav - Adopt a Sampling. The better environment is an indicator of progress of the human beings and with the motto of green environment. The volunteers were asked to plant or adopt a sampling according to their convenience either at home or nearby and to take care of it.

The volunteers communicated the advantages of doing the same to the public so that most of the public would be aware and know about the advantages of adopting a sapling. Every small move of ours towards the betterment of our environment would make a great change in the ecosystem and even influence most of the people in a positive way.

Also, the volunteers of UBA planted a sampling in the government school at K Narayanapura, Kothanur on the occasion of International Forest Day. By planting trees and conserving our natural resources, we can help to protect our environment and ensure a healthy future for all. The initiative taken by the UBA volunteers to in the government school is a step in the right direction towards promoting sustainable practices and preserving our environment.


Kridotsava - UBA Food Stall
The Unnat Bharat Abhiyan organized a food stall on Kridotsava, the Annual Sports Day of Kristu Jayanti College Autonomous. The food was entirely prepared by the volunteers UBA under the guidance of a trained chef. Preparation for the stall begin from 27th of January. The volunteers had ordered all the food materials and began preparing for the food. By 7:00 AM of the next morning it was prepared and loaded to be sent to the sports venue, which is the Kristu Jayanti College Bagalur Campus. The food items include uppita, Bisibele Bath, Kesari, Pulao/Rice bath and various other side dishes. The food stall was an instant success as it was healthy and homely food prepared by the students and also all the UBA volunteers were told to register for the event. The proceeds from the stalls are collected and kept to be used for future charitable causes of UBA. The remaining food was distributed to orphanages and vulnerable sections around the streets of Kothanur. Overall, it was an enriching experience for the volunteers as they learned the importance of sacrifice, service of others and team spirit.

Visit to Kannamagalla Village
Jayantian Extension Services – UBA. In collaboration with Kristu Jayanti College of law, visited Kannamagala Village Government Schools. The event was inaugurated by programme coordinators of UBA, NSS and Law at 10: AM involving respective schools Head Masters and teachers. Volunteers spent quality time with the school students by giving awareness on the topics of Physical Hygiene, Rain water harvesting , Dengue by conducting quiz, games and talent based activities. The event included plantation drive were schools students were happy to plant trees for their campus surroundings to be green and help nature grow by joining hands together. Dr. Sreedhar PD and Dr. Hanumantappa B, appreciated and thanked School Faculties for provided volunteers to execute their knowledge, help the students connect themselves with each other and consider themselves to be responsible for their surroundings which adds on to the betterment of the society in a whole. Altogether Volunteers look forward to serving more with beneficial activities which will be helpful and makes students of rural area to develop themselves in all aspects for the required changes.

Visit to Purusanahalli Village
Jayantian Extension Services - UBA, NSS Volunteers, Dr. Sreedhar PD, NSS Programme Officer along with Mr. Kevin Simon and Mr. Vinod, Alumanies and Ex - Coordinators of NSS andUBA, visited Sree Siddaganga Rural High School,Purusanahalli at 9 AM, The event was welcomed by Head Master and Teachers of the school by stating the importance of development in students way of learning and language enhancement. Volunteers planted 20 saplings in the surroundings of school campus, conducted awareness session for class 10th Students on the topics - Self hygiene, Pollution Control, Save water with a quiz on current affairs and ended with crafts session.

Dr. Sreedhar PD, appreciated and thanked the School Faculties for providing volunteers to execute their knowledge, help the students connect themselves with each other and consider themselves to be responsible for their surroundings which adds on to the betterment of the society in a whole.

Altogether Volunteers look forward to serving more with beneficial activities which will be helpful and makes students of rural area to develop themselves in all aspects for the required changes.

No Honking Drive
On the day of 13th Oct 2021, the UBA collaborated with CSA for the day to successfully complete the objective of the programme which is to ensure to people the major problems which arise due to the unnecessary horning of the horns of various vehicles. We made various pluck cards with different slogans and the safety precautions regarding the unnecessary honking like “No Honk”, “Honk only is for emergency”, “No Honking unless for danger”, “No Honking zone”, “Don’t Honk your Horn”, “Do not Honk unnecessarily while driving”. The event was successfully submitted by the 12:40 with complete co operation of all the volunteers from theUBA AND CSA and the teacher coordinators of all the extension services .

The event ended with refreshments, volunteers were appreciated on their efforts and teamwork and thus, the team looks forward to contributing to environment in future.

1. UBA- Village Development Plan for Adopted Villages
UBA village development project was conducted on Saturday 10th October 2020; Faculty members from various departments participated and conducted survey on the Socio Economic need assessment Survey. The survey was conducted in order to understand the issues in the villages and to plan the development activities post the village survey.

The below are the villages where the survey was conducted:

  • Purushanahalli
  • Ambalagere
  • Badrapura and Gulya
  • Vadagere and Nagenahalli
  • Kammasandra and Kenjiganahalli
  • Kannamangala & Kannamangala Calony
  • Ramadevanahalli
  • Kanasavadi
  • Sonnenahalli and Byata

2. UBA- Uniform Distribution to Adopted Villages
Date: 10th October 2020
The UBA team visited the adopted villages for distributing uniforms to government schools in the villages. The faculty members from various departments participated in this noble activity. As part of the UBA to develop the villages, an initiative was taken by providing the higher and primary students of Government schools with the uniforms. The students were overwhelmed to receive the amenities.

The villages visited are given below:

  • Purushanahalli
  • Ambalagere
  • Badrapura and Gulya
  • Vadagere and Nagenahalli
  • Kammasandra and Kenjiganahalli
  • Kannamangala & Kannamangala Colony
  • Ramadevanahalli
  • Kanasavadi
  • Sonnenahalli and Byata

1. UBA- Campaign on Promoting the usage of Jute bags for waste disposal
In connection with UBA activity, an awareness campaign was conducted about the usage of jute bags for waste disposal in various villages like Kannamangala, Purushanahalli, Nagenahalli, Genjanahalli, Vadagere, Badhrapura on 9/10/19 at 8.30am. The main objective of this activity was to create awareness among people on the hazards of using plastic bags and to motivate them towards the use of fabric (cotton or jute) bags. In this regard, our NSS volunteers distributed jute bags to the village and encouraged them to use those bags for waste disposal. This programme benefitted about 850 families.

2. UBA- Baseline Household Survey in Adopted villages
Our college students conducted a survey in various adopted villages like Kannamangala, Purushanahalli, Nagenahalli, Genjanahalli, Vadagere, Badhrapura on 16/7/2019 at 9.00 am. A survey form was used to collect various details from the villagers like respondent details, their household infromation, their status of migration, awareness about various government schemes that would benefit them, availability and accessibility of resources and problems they are facing. Social mapping was also carried out where the volunteers figured out the various resources avaliable to the village residents and also made it available for the villagers to have a glance at it.Apart from these activities, our students prepared a case depicting the demographic factors of the villagers.

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