Co-Curricular Activities

Street Play on Energy Efficiency Awareness
Date: 4th October 2023
On October 4th, 2023, the Centre for Environment and Sustainability, in association with the Department of Management, Kristu Jayanti College, Autonomous, Bengaluru, organized an engaging street play to promote Energy Efficiency Awareness. The objectives were to educate the audience about energy efficiency, shed light on energy waste, and empower individuals to adopt energy-saving practices in their daily lives. The play also emphasized the environmental benefits, cost savings, and the role of community action. By creatively addressing misconceptions and inspiring sustainable living, the students left a lasting impression, encouraging everyone to take small steps for a more energy-efficient and sustainable future.

Tribute - Mahatma Gandhi Birthday celebration
Department of Management organized a presentation on 3rd October 2020 by Batch 1( III BBA A/ III BBA B/III BBA C) section students to pay tribute to our father of nation. The event was titled as “Gandhi as a Management Guru”. The topic was further divided into two micro topics under which the students are segregated into groups for presentation. The students are grouped according to their selected topics and given 20 minutes time duration for their presentation. Within the given time the students are presented their presentation through Zoom platform. Their presentation includes various chronologically ordered historical information’s with supportive portrays. Some interesting rare videos are also presented by the students. In total the session was a really achieved the objective of the event that paying tribute to our father of nation.

Highlights of Event:
• Students got a chance to look back and think how an individual person contributed for the great independence.
• Learned the values and moral of leaders
• Leadership styles of Gandhiji
• Gandian’s Philosophy and Management Lessons.
• Justification of Gandhi as a management Guru

On the occasion of 151st Birth anniversary of Father of the Nation, Department of Management organized a program as a tribute to Mahatma Gandhiji for Batch 2 (III BBA BA/III BBA AM/III BBA D) The Program began at 9.15 a m. with special tribute to Ganghiji. More than 170 students attended the program. During the program students shared the anecdotes from Gandhi’s life which were inspiring to all in the hall and encouraged everyone to think about the simple livings of Gandhiji. The occasion of 151st birth anniversary celebrations has given the students opportunity to remind the humanity of the efficacy of the message of Mahatma Gandhi. While leading the nation in the struggle for independence, Gandhi held a beacon to some management strategies which are critical in present day corporate world. Students from the Department of Management correlated Gandhi’s techniques with recent management principles.

‘Legendary Achievement Day’ is a new initiative undertaken by the department of Management. This program is initiated by department of Management this year in order to recognize and take inspiration of the success and contribution of the ‘so called’ Underdogs in the field of Business and Management. This year the department will commemorate the profound contributions of Dr.Verghese Kurian, the father of White Revolution in India. Dr. Kurian’s enterprise has had a revolutionary impact on the production and consumption of Milk and Milk Based products in this country. We were once known as ‘Milk Hungry Nation’ with extensive import of milk products and baby food after Independence, but now we stand self-sufficient and export milk products to other countries.

This year ‘Legendary Achievement Day’ will celebrate the Autobiography of Dr. Verghese Kurian, the Father of White Revolution in India on 30 November 2019. This program was inaugurated by Prof.C.Surendranath Reddy, Head of the Department and wished the students for initiating this new kind of activity in the department and motivated the students by sharing the achievements of various legends in the field of management. Prof.L.Monica, Faculty Coordinator had informed the students about the preparation of posters and presenting among the students in different venurs.

The first year students will make posters depicting the achievements and contributions of Dr. Kurian and display them on the bulletin boards and Department Display Boards to spread awareness of the leader’s contributions among other department students. Along with this, the first year students will present an awareness talk on ‘White Revolution and Dr. Kurian’s role in it’ to their peers.

‘Legendary Achievement Day’ is an experiential learning process extremely useful for the students to know about the various achievements and contribution made by the legends in the business. In this activity, students got motivated themselves and others by sharing the various success strategy followed by the legends and overcoming the problems in their career to make their business success in the market.

1. Project Work:
Students are supposed to undertake a project work in a company during their VI semester. They are encouraged to choose and work on topics in their area of specialization (Finance, HR and Marketing). The project work fulfills a purpose of synthesis of all the knowledge they have acquired throughout the different years. Besides, this knowledge is put in use to analyze specific issues in the company and come up with feasible suggestions. The students are also supposed to submit a detailed report on the project to the college.

2. Management Exhibitions:
a) Savishkar: Savishkar is an exhibition organized exclusively for the first years by the Department of Management, where students develop prototypes on assigned management topics. This event aims at equipping students with a better understanding of management concepts and presenting the same in creative and innovative methods. Concepts of economics, banking facilities, supply chain management, etc. is expressed by way of models and charts.
b) Koushala: The services sector in India is dominant contributor to our country’s GDP. It has also attracted significant foreign investment flows, contributed significantly to exports as well as provided large-scale employment. India’s services sector covers a wide variety of activities such as trade, hotel and restaurants, transport, storage and communication, Information Technology, financing, insurance and various other business services. Keeping this in mind, Koushala is an exhibition organized exclusively for the second year students, to incorporate in them a clear understanding of various services and its importance.

3. Anveshan:
Anveshan is an annual paper presentation competition of the department conducted for the final year students to nurture and promote the spirit of research. The students are divided into groups of two and are encouraged to conduct a research based on their chosen specialization (Finance, marketing, human resource).

4. Innovatio:
Innovatio is yet another co-curricular programme conducted with exclusivity for the final year students of the Department of Management. With the “entrepreneurship buzz” going around in the nation, Innovatio is a platform where students are encouraged to identify an innovative business idea and present a detailed plan covering all aspects of the business. The main purpose of this programme is to develop entrepreneurship ability, and to inculcate the needed confidence and knowledge to start a business.

5. Industrial Visit:
While filling in the vessel of education in a student’s life within the four walls of a classroom, it is also important to kindle the flame of education via practical exposure. Through industrial visits students are introduced to various production and operational techniques in order to update them on the latest developments in the industry. Visits to small, medium, and large scale industries are organized. Industries that were visited in the past include- Sarwottam Ispat, Khaitan Electricals Limited, Agi Glaspac Pvt Ltd, Hartex Rubber Industry ( All of which are located in Hyderabad).

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