Post Graduate Diploma

Inauguration of One Year Post Graduate Diploma for Working Executives
The Inauguration of One Year Post Graduate Diploma, SHUBH AARAMBH was held at 10.00 am on 3rd October 2020 through virtual mode. Dr. Aloysius Edward, Dean – Commerce and Management proposed the welcome address. He emphasized the challenges and opportunities in the corporate sector and the importance of developing character and imbibing strong management qualities.

Rev. Dr. Augustine George, Principal, Kristu Jayanti College delivered the inaugural address. He expressed his joy of having Executives from different Organisation joining the College and expressed that it would be a good learning experience for executives. Executives introduced themselves and also they expressed their intention of joining this course. Prof. C. Surendranath Reddy, Head – Department of Management, proposed the vote of thanks.

The Inauguration was followed by Orientation of the Programme by Prof. Ajai Abraham Thomas, Programme Co-coordinator, One Year Post Graduate Diploma, Examination and Valuation by Prof. Jeo Joy, Controller of Examination. 44 Executives from different Organisation participated in the event.

A Session on ‘Cognitive Abilities for IGEN Professionals’ for Working Executives of One Year Post Graduate Diploma
Date: 03.10.2020 Time: 2.00 pm – 3.00 pm No. of Participants - 45
Resource Person: Prof. Sen. B Mathews Director – Centre for Employability and Corporate Relations (CECR) & Associate Professor – Kristu Jayanti School of Management (KJSOM)

Prof. Sen Mathews started the session by interacting with the Executives and motivated them to actively participate in the session.

The normal which has changed the business environment was discussed and explored. The executives were asked to speak about the difficulties they face in the current business scenario.

Prof Sen, highlighted the fact that Life is like a spinning wheel and that all of us want to be happy which will lead to productivity, and since life is short we must do things that matters positively.

Prof. Sen stressed upon the importance of collaborations, multi-dimensional career paths and jobs and work life balance. The corporate lattice has today overshadowed the corporate ladder, and new job roles are being introduced based on this functionality.

The importance of Artificial Intelligence in the hiring process was also brought out to make the Executives aware of the coming changes in the industry.

Prof. Sen also engaged the Executives in an Entropy game of number arranging which lightened the atmosphere and increased the engagement of students. Through the game the importance of brain teasers and decoding exercises to build cognitive abilities was brought out.

Cognitive abilities are brain-based skills required for acquisition of knowledge, manipulation of information and reasoning. These are the skills that make an employee good at his work and leads to faster growth. Various cognitive skills were also explained. The concept of using both the left brain (seat of logic) as well as right brain (seat of creativity) for maximum growth and development was also highlighted.

A real-life example of Sarathbabu Elumalai who is an Indian entrepreneur, social worker and politician was used to inspire the Executives. The importance of effective time management skills was stressed upon and various tools like the priority matrix (Eisenhower matrix) were shared to equip Executives. Topics like cognitive and emotional agility were also explored and their ability to drive you and make you suitable for new job roles.

The session also focused on the power of empathy in the creation of a beginner’s mindset. Design thinking was yet another area of discussion that was shared to better the Executives understanding of the same. The session then ended on a positive note with an engaging activity for the Executives.

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