Department Field Trips

Field Visit for Experiential Learning
On February 1, 2024, an enriching field visit was organized for the I, II, and III-year BA PSSO students, integral to their academic curriculum, focusing on Sociology of Rural Life in India, Sociology of Ageing, and Sociology of Marginalized Groups. Under the guidance of Dr. Sikha Das and Dr. Sameena M.S, faculty members of the Department of Sociology, the students embarked on a meaningful journey, commencing with a visit to Holy Cross Convent in Kothanur—an old age home. There, the students organized cultural events for the elderly residents, shared a meal, and engaged in conversations, providing them with a firsthand experience of the realities of ageing. In the afternoon, the students explored Rangoli Gardens, a model village, showcasing the culture and way of life of Karnataka's villages. The visit, a vital component of their academic development, allowed students to bridge theoretical knowledge with real-world experiences, fostering a deeper understanding of societal dynamics. The students returned at 4:30 pm, enriched by this experiential learning initiative.

Field visit to Devanahalli Fort
We started our trip at 8.50 am from the college. It took almost an hour to reach the first destination, Devanahalli Fort. It’s a living fort and we can see only the remains of fort walls. The history of the fort dates back to 15th century. The students were briefed on the historical importance of the fort, also the social causes behind the scene of construction. While exploring the fort students could learn about the living society and their major productions. The second place of visit was Bhoga Nandishwara temple, which represents Indian traditions. Students were explained how temples were places of art and culture at a time. The visual beauty of the temple is still preserved. The last place of visit was Shri Shri Nakoda Avanti 108 Parshwanath Jain Thirth Dham. The Jain society’s culture was explained to students. Student’s interaction with people in the temple was more effective.

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