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Hands-On Session on Exoplanets: From Observations to Light Curves
Date: 18 January 2024
The department of Physics of Kristu Jayanti College has been enthusiastic in conducting research activities, guest lecture series and knowledge enrichment programmes every semester in various research fields. In continuation of the enrichment programme, the department of physics has organized the “Hands-on Session” on the topic “Exoplanets: From Observations to Light Curves” on 18th January, 2024 for all I, II and III B.Sc. Physics Students. The resource person was Avinash S. Nediyedath, Member of NASA Exoplanet Watch, American Association of Variable Star Observers.

The main objective of this event was to provide the fundamental understanding of exoplanets and how to take real time telescope observations and generate light curves to find exoplanets. Also, aimed to motivate the students towards research and find the research opportunities in the field of astronomy and astrophysics.

The session started with some theoretical knowledge on exoplanets. Then the resource person gave a set of links where the students got the telescope data from a robotic telescope in Arizona. Using this data, the resource person guided the students to generate their own light curve using a python pipeline called EXOTIC (Exoplanet Transit Interpretation Code). Finally, the resource person had interacted with the students and answered their questions. He motivated them towards research in the field of astronomy and astrophysics. Overall, the session was informative and engaging, and provided a spark in students in the field of astrophysics. Total 74 students have attended and benefitted from the event.

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