Career Opportunity

Placement Orientation& Training Program (POTP)
Date: 25 July 2023
The Department of Physical Science established the Placement Orientation and Training Programme (POTP) to educate Physical Science students about potential career opportunities and strategies for helping them land jobs through the placement process while also advancing their careers. In order to help the students, succeed in their jobs, Prof. Sen B Mathews concentrated on educating them about the procedure.

The session's major objectives were to offer advice and insights on how students can choose the best professional route, how to design a resume, how to prepare for an interview, and all the other tiny but crucial requirements that must be fulfilled.

The session concluded with a number of engaging queries from the students, all of which Prof. Sen Mathews expertly addressed and dispelled.

Students had the chance to learn about several methods that would aid them in completing the interview process successfully. Excellent advice was given on how to introduce oneself, dress appropriately, behave, welcome people, and other things to consider when going to a job interview. In conclusion, The POTP was successful in helping students learn the knowledge they needed to thrive in their chosen vocations.

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