Consultancy Orientation

Orientation Programme- Department of Physical Sciences
Date: 06 February 2024
On February 6th, a consultant team led by Dr. Baba Gnanakumar, In Charge of Consultant Services, held an orientation session. The curriculum applies only to the Physical Science department. Dr. Vinoth B welcomed the meeting, and Prof. Baba Gnanakumar, in head of consultant services, conducted the session and highlighted the government and non-governmental consultancy projects that faculty members can participate in to progress their careers and the institution's growth. He has educated numerous disciplines on consultancy, consultancy websites, and so on, as well as elaborated on one-nation-one data projects such as Widwan and Niti Aayog. He had addressed several programmes (DST, SERb, and startup awards) and worked with North East universities.

He has concentrated on further initiatives supported by IFCPAR, CEFIPRA, UKRI, the European Commission, Canada Project Funds, CSR, Invest India, Tech Mahindra, Hindustan University, Biocon Vikshit Bharat, UNESCO, and others.

Orientation on Chrid Consortium
Date: 15 November 2023
The talk provided a comprehensive overview of the activities of the CHIRD Consortium. The presenter had given a detailed briefing about the areas of collaboration which involves collaborative research programmes, collaborative academic enrichment programmes, capacity building programmes etc. The resource person was Dr. Soya Mathew, Assistant Professor, Department of Physical Sciences, Kristu Jayanti College, Bengaluru. All Faculties of Physical Sciences have attended the briefing session.

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