National Education Policy (NEP)

Salient Features of the Undergraduate Programmes under NEP 2020

1. All the programmes are structured in a semester mode.

2. The undergraduates with Honours degree and a suitable grade are eligible to enter the Doctoral (Ph.D.) Program in a relevant discipline.

3. The undergraduates who have completed 3 year Degree programme will have to undergo 2 year Master’s Degree programme. The undergraduates with Honours Degree can pursue one year Master’s Degree programme.

4. The Multidisciplinary Undergraduate Programme will help in the achievement of all the educational outcomes, with a flexible and imaginative curricular approach. Core courses, elective courses, open elective courses, skill enhancement courses, vocational courses, internship and project are part of the multidisciplinary programme. All the courses will be evaluated through an examination.

5. Open elective courses are interdisciplinary. Students of one discipline will have to choose an open elective from any other discipline.

6. There is no hard separation between curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities (sports, yoga, cultural, NCC, NSS, extension are part of the curriculum).

7. B.Com. Honours, B.Com. LSCM Honours, B.Com., Business Analytics Honours, BBA Honours, BBA Aviation Management Honours, BBA Business Analytics Honours, BBA Tourism and Hospitality Management Honours, BCA Honours, B.Sc. Data Science Honours, B.Sc. Forensic Science, Honours, BA Visual Communication Honours, BA English Honours and BA Psychology Honours are programme core and these programmes will not have dual major options. Candidates who opt these programmes will undergo the specified core/elective courses in the chosen domain only.

8. B.Sc. and BA programmes have dual major options. Candidates who opt these programmes will undergo the specified core/elective courses in the chosen dual majors. The students who study dual majors at the same level or breadth up to the sixth semester will be able to choose one of them for study in the fourth year to obtain the Honours degree in that major. A student who wishes to get dual degrees may repeat the fourth year of the program in the second major.

9. Multidisciplinary programmes integrate skills such as language and communication, critical thinking, problem solving, life skills and multidisciplinary capabilities.

10. The curriculum combines conceptual knowledge with practical engagement and understanding that has relevant real world application through practical laboratory work, field work, internships, workshops and research projects.

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