Veritas - Forensic Science newsletter

VERITAS - A bi-annual online forensic science newsletter to be published by the department of Forensic Science at Kristu Jayanti College (Autonomous), Bengaluru, serves as a platform for the students and faculty members of Forensic Science to publish articles and interesting updates. The newsletter is published in a rich interactive flipbook style to keep the reader engrossed in its contents. It highlights the activities of the Unit of Forensic Science and gives an overview of research undertaken by students and faculty members, which benefits the contributors and the readers.

The call for articles is published every semester and further encourages students to contribute articles on the following headers

  • Original research articles of student-performed researches on topics under the branch of Forensic Science
  • Literature reviews providing a summary of existing research on topics of Forensic Science
  • Global news updates on the latest technologies discovered in the field of Forensic Science
  • Case studies including detailed write-ups of cases that have occurred in the recent past
  • Statistical data / empirical findings depicting statistical analysis with respect to Forensic Science
  • Expert talk featuring interviews with experts in Forensic Science and allied fields

The articles are reviewed by an editorial board comprising of students and faculty members, following which the articles are designed into a highly design-rich, interactive flipbook hosted on a dedicated webpage.

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Club coordinators



Ms. Prathiksha R S
Ms. Jocelyn Kunju John
Ms. Lorraine Tissan
Ms. Varun Gupta
Ms. Arsha Sahadevan
Ms. Riya C Raj
Ms. Mugdha Bhattacharya
Mr. Nikhil Varghese



Ms. Arsha Sahadevan
Ms. Riya C Raj
Ms. Mugdha Bhattacharya
Mr. Nikhil Varghese
Ms. Natasha Jennifer Easu
Ms. Pragya Ekka
Ms. Bhavya Kamath
Ms. Sherlin Gomez
Ms. Merien Abraham
Ms. Anumita Mazumdar