Office of International and Domestic Relations

Kristu Jayanti college has established international collaboration with various universities across the world. The purpose of this agreement is to establish a framework within which academic and scientific cooperation may develop between the institutions following international understanding. The Centre for International affairs in Kristu Jayanti College operates in close cooperation with these universities to provide educational opportunities to students and professional opportunities for the academic staff.

At the Centre for International Relations, Kristu Jayanti College, we are focused in identifying, partnering and collaborating with major international universities to promote various forms of academic collaborations that enable Academic Community to enhance their knowledge and skills. The Centre also welcomes collaboration requests from Universities/Institutions interested in partnering with us. The Centre serves as a platform where end to end process of tie-up and collaboration is achieved.

The functions of the Office include:

  • Developing strategic alliances and managing institutional partnerships and collaborations
  • Developing and managing international opportunities for students.
  • Working with departments to develop their international agendas. This includes international agreements, funding opportunities, information on student exchanges, participation in visits and profile-raising.
  • Internationalizing the campus, the curriculum and services to staff, students, partners and stakeholders.
  • Exchange of academic information, materials and programs.
  • Developing and implementing joint research programs, including developing proposals for funding purposes.
  • Co-organizing joint conferences and workshops as well as international training programs
  • Supporting staff and students from the two institutions for studying towards degree and non-degree programs.

For further information, kindly contact:

Fr. Emmanuel P.J.
Director, International Affairs
Kristu Jayanti College
Bangalore 77, India

Dr. Lyola Thomas
Co-ordinator, Office of International and Domestic Relations,
Kristu Jayanti College

Dr. Sneha. N
Co-ordinator, Office of International and Domestic Relations,
Kristu Jayanti College

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