Course Code  Course Title
 Second Language [Any One to be Opted]
 AEN103A11  Additional English I
 HIN103B11  Hindi I
 KAN103B11  Kannada I
 Core Papers [All Compulsory]
 ENG103A11  English I
 PHY203B11  Physics I [Mechanics, Thermodynamics and Kinetic Theory of Gases]
 PHY2L1A11  Physics Practical I
 UMT204B11  Mathematics I [Calculus and Analytical Geometry]
 CSC203A11  Computer Science I [Programming in C]
 CSC2L1A11  Computer Science Practical I
 Course Code  Course Title
 Second Language [Any One to be Opted]
 AEN103A21  Additional English II
 HIN103B21  Hindi II
 KAN103B21  Kannada II
 Core Papers [All Compulsory]
 ENG103A21  English II
 PHY203B21  Physics II [Properties of Matter, Relativity and Thermodynamics]
 PHY2L1A21  Physics Practical II
 UMT204B21  Mathematics II [Algebra and Differential Calculus]
 CSC203A21  Computer Science II [Data Structures]
 CSC2L1A21  Computer Science Practical II
 NES102A01  Environmental Science
 Course Code  Course Title
 Second Language [Any One to be Opted]
 AEN103A31  Additional English III
 HIN103B31  Hindi III
 KAN103B31  Kannada III
 Core Papers [All Compulsory]
 ENG103A31  English III
 PHY203B31  Physics III [Electricity and Magnetism]
 PHY2L1A31  Physics Practical III
 UMT204B31  Mathematics III [Algebra, Differential Calculus, Improper Integrals and Linear Programming]
 CSC203A31  Computer Science III [Java Programming]
 CSC2L1A31  Computer Science Practical III
 SSP4L2A01  Soft Skills Practices
 Course Code  Course Title
 Second Language [Any One to be Opted]
 AEN103A41  Additional English IV
 HIN103B41  Hindi IV
 KAN103B41  Kannada IV
 Core Papers [All Compulsory]
 ENG103A41  English IV
 PHY203A41  Physics IV [Optics and Fourier Series]
 PHY2L1A41  Physics Practical IV
 UMT204B41  Mathematics IV [Algebra, Differential Equations, Laplace Transforms and Fourier Series]
 CSC203A41  Computer Science IV [Internet Technology]
 CSC2L1A41  Computer Science Practical IV
   Generic Elective as per Annexure III
 LSE5A2A41  Life Skills Education
 Course Code  Course Title
 Core Papers [All Compulsory]
 PHY203A51  Physics V
 PHY2L2A51  Physics Practical V
 PHY203A52  Physics VI
 PHY2L2A52  Physics Practical VI
 UMT204A51  Mathematics V [Real and Complex Analysis]
 UMT204A52  Mathematics VI [Total and Partial Differential Equations, Algebra and Numerical Analysis]
 UMT2L2B51  Mathematics Practical I
 CSC204A51  Computer Science V [DBMS and Visual Programming]
 CSC2L2A51  Computer Science Practical V
 CSC204A52  Computer Science VI [Operating System Concepts and UNIX /LINUX]
   Extra Curricular and Extension Activities as per Annexure II
 Course Code  Course Title
 Core Papers [All Compulsory]
 PHY203A61  Physics VII
 PHY2L2A61  Physics Practical VII
 PHY203A62  Physics VIII
 PHY2L2A62  Physics Practical VIII
 UMT204A61  Mathematics VI [Vector Calculus and Integral Calculus]
 UMT204A62  Mathematics VIII [Matrices, Linear Algebra and Calculus of Variations]
 UMT2L2B61  Mathematics Practical II
 CSC204A61  Computer Science VII [Software Engineering]
 CSC2L2A61  Computer Science Practical VII
 CSC2P4A61  Enterprise Computing Project
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