MSW 2017

 Course Code  Course Title
 SOW171201  History and Philosophy of Social Work
 SOW171202  Sociology for Social Workers
 SOW171203  Social Case Work
 SOW171204  Social Group Work
 SOW171205  Human Rights
 SOW1712I1  Concurrent Field Work I
 Add-on Course
   Life Skills for Social Work Professionals
 Course Code  Course Title
 SOW172201  Counselling: Theory and Practice
 SOW172202  Psychology for Social Workers
 SOW172203  Community Organization and Social Action
 SOW172204  Social Work Research and Statistics
 SOW172205  Communication for Social Work Practice
 SOW1722I1  Concurrent Field Work II
 SOW1722I2  Social Work Camp
 Add-on Course
   Gender Studies
 Course Code  Course Title
 SOW173201  Social Welfare Administration
 SOW173202  Disaster Management
 SOW1732I1  Concurrent Field Work III
 SOW1732I2  Minor Project
   Choice Based Credit Course
 Elective Groups [ All courses from any one group to be opted]
 Human Resource Management
 SOW173A01  Human Resource Management
 SOW173A02  Labour Legislations
 Medical and Psychiatric Social Work
 SOW173B01  Social Work in Health Care
 SOW173B02  Family Social Work
 Social Development
 SOW173C01  Rural and Tribal Community Development
 SOW173C02  Project Formulation and Management
 Add-on Course
   Transactional Analysis
 Course Code  Course Title
 SOW174201  Correctional Social Work
 SOW174202  Social Justice and Empowerment
 SOW174203  Corporate Social Responsibility
 SOW1742R1  Dissertation
 SOW1742I1  Concurrent Field Work IV
 SOW1742I2  Block Placement
 Elective Groups [ All courses from any one group to be opted]
 Human Resource Management
 SOW174A01  Industrial Relations
 SOW174A02  Organizational Behaviour
 Medical and Psychiatric Social Work
 SOW174B01  Psychiatric Social Work
 SOW174B02  Health Care Administration
 Social Development
 SOW174C01  Urban Community Development
 SOW174C02  Social Entrepreneurship

Add–on Course A student has to complete the Add-on course before/during the prescribed semester, as scheduled by the respective department, for obtaining a pass status; however, the credits awarded for the same will not be considered for GPA calculations.

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