BCA 2016

 Course Code  Course Title
 Second Language [Any One to be Opted]
 AEN161201  Additional English I
 HIN161201  Hindi I
 KAN161201  Kannada I
 Core Papers [All Compulsory]
 ENG161201  English I
 BCA151201  Basic Electronics
 BCA151202  Programming in C
 BCA151203  Computing and Programming Fundamentals
 BCA1512L1  Electronics Practical
 BCA1512L2  Programming in C Practical
 Non-Core Paper [Mandatory]
 NCS150101  Computer Fundamentals
 Course Code  Course Title
 Second Language [Any One to be Opted]
 AEN162201  Additional English II
 HIN162201  Hindi II
 KAN162201  Kannada II
 Core Papers [All Compulsory]
 ENG162201  English II
 BCA152201  Data Structures
 BCA162202  Programming in Java
 BCA152203  Mathematical Foundation in Computer Applications
 BCA1522L1  Data Structures Practical
 BCA1622L2  Programming in Java Practical
 Non-Core Paper [Mandatory]
 NHU150101  Environment Studies and Civic Sense
 Course Code  Course Title
 Second Language [Any One to be Opted]
 ENG163201  English III
 BCA163201  Visual Programming
 BCA153202  Database Management System
 BCA153203  Operating System
 BCA153204  Probability and Statistics
 BCA1632L1  Visual Programming Practical
 BCA1532L2  Database Management System Practical
 Non-Core Paper [ Mandatory]
 NHU150102  Indian Constitution
 Course Code  Course Title
 Second Language [Any One to be Opted]
 ENG164201  English IV
 BCA154201  Software Engineering
 BCA154203  Data Communication and Networks
 BCA1542L1  UNIX / LINUX Practical
 BCA1542L2  Soft Skills Practices
 BCA1542P1  Software Engineering Project
   Choice Based Course
 Add-on Course
   Application Project
   Life Skill Education
 Course Code  Course Title
 Core Papers [All Compulsory]
 BCA155201  Information Storage and Management
 BCA155202  Computer Graphics
 BCA155203  Web Programming using PHP
 BCA155204  Computer Architecture
 BCA1552L1  Computer Graphics Practical
 BCA1552L2  Web Programming using PHP Practical
 BCA1552P1  Enterprise Computing Project using ASP.NET
 Add-on Course
   Extension Activities
 Course Code  Course Title
 Core Papers [All Compulsory]
 BCA156201  Multimedia Tools and Applications
 BCA156202  Design and Analysis of Algorithms
 BCA156203  Mobile Application
 BCA156204  System Programming
 BCA1562L1  Multimedia Tools and Applications Practical
 BCA1562L2  Mobile Application Practical
 BCA1562P1  Project

*A pass in the Non-Core Course is mandatory for pass status; However, marks secured in this Course is not considered for grand total / class / rank

Add–on Course A student has to complete the Add-on course before / during the prescribed semester, as scheduled by the respective department, for obtaining a pass status; however, the credits awarded for the same will not be considered for GPA calculations.

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