United Nations aspires in attaining sustainable, inclusive and just societies The conjecture of the varied Nations and their problems apropos of having dynamicity in terms of beliefs and systems posed an encumbrance in enabling absolute development. Apprehending the severity of the concern, United Nations has eventuated the possible elucidation and has concocted Sustainable Development Goals with the aim of extricating any country from practices leading to any potential hurdle in the path of development. These goals aims in bringing a mainstreamed model in terms of intervening with identified issues with an attempt of revamping and ameliorating the existing laws that lead to further predicaments. United Nations’ primary stance is to ensure egalitarianism thereby enabling equality and equity among all.

All the SDGs identified by United Nations are listed as below -

Through the primary interventions and actions that are reviewed, the United Nations has recommended effectual frameworks and machineries for implementation thereby making necessary amendments in the laws, provisions and clauses. The effective intervention of academic institutions as a strong machinery have enabled the organization to come up with possible solution of enhancing opportunities among people. The interventions of various Academic Hubs has equipped the people with knowledge and awareness regarding identified issues which are a part of the seventeen SDGs. Establishment of strong dialogues with the stakeholders has not only led to empowerment of the initiatives taken by the academic hubs but has also resulted in building an effected mechanisms for United Nations to achieve the agendas. The staunch equilibrium of the country’s overall circumstances has further strengthened by enabling such academic hubs to have more effective interventions.

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