Management Development Programme

Department of Management organized the Management Development Programme on 28th February 2020 at 10.00am in Mini Auditorium, Administrative block. The MDP organized with the aims to create social revolutions, create innovative businesses and create value in all our activities. The main objective was to provide an overview on the value creation through entrepreneurship and equip the new entrants with value added skills for the startups and also to create future entrepreneurs with the magnitude of societal, sustainable and environmental friendly entrepreneurs. Who else but a person of high entrepreneurial spirit can be expected to take up these challenges and looks closely at this institution of entrepreneurship; the challenges it faces and its ability to deliver value to our economy and society.

The inaugural ceremony started at 9:30 PM and the chief guest for the inauguration was Mr. Raghu B Vishwanath, Founder & Chief Vision Vertebrand. The Prelude of the session was given by Dr. Silbert Jose, Staff co-ordinator, MDP. The vice principal of the college, Rev. Dr. Augustine George addressed the gathering and spoke about the importance of entrepreneurship and how the department has done a great job with all the events and fests. The programme is divided into five technical sessions. The sub themes selected for the sessions are as follows:
• Innovation and creativity in information age
• Entrepreneurial eco systems in India
• Changing profile and competencies of modern entrepreneur
• Challenges and opportunities for start ups in India
• Societal transformation through social entrepreneurship

First Session
Time: 10 am – 10:50 am
The inauguaration was followed by the first session which was handled by Mr. Raghu B Viswanath who was also the chief guest for the day. The topic for the session was “Innovation and Creativity in Information Age”. He spoke about the attributes an entrepreneur should posses in order to become successful. He elaborated and explained the Nepolian war and discussed how the strategies adopted the Nepolian helped him win. He explained how the availability of required skills and workforce are sufficient and efficient enough to achieve the desired goal when efficiently managed. There was a quick question and answer round after the session. The participants of the program actively asked questions which were well answered. The session ended with Prof. Surendranath Reddy, Head, department of management felicitating the speaker with a memento as a token of appreciation.

Second Session
Time: 11:15 am – 12 pm
The second session was taken over by Ms. Sukriti, Manager, Investments, Lead Angels. The topic for the session was “Entrepreneurial Eco – Systems in India. She spoke about the funding value chain and the drawbacks, how to find an investor and approach them. She also spoke about the problems faced in marketing and why it persists. She explained how the market size and the potential to grow can be enhanced. She said, “India is a price sensitive market”. She gave various live examples within the market in order to make the session more understandable for the audience. There was a quick question and answer round after the session. The session ended with Dr. Silbert Jose, faculty department of management felicitating the speaker with a memento as a token of appreciation.

Third Session
Time: 12 pm – 1 pm
The third session was taken over by Mr. Thaneshwar Singh, Serial Entrepreneur and Founder, Lentra business Solutions Pvt. Ltd. on the topic “Changing profile and competencies of modern entrepreneur”. He told the participants that upgrading oneself with the environment and adapting with the innovation is the key to face the changing profiles and competencies in order to become a successful modern entrepreneur. He emphasized on communicating the idea to the right person. The session was very informative and helped the participants to understand that its necessary to change oneself as per the need and demand of the hour. There a quick question and answer round towards the end.

Fourth Session
Time: 1:45 pm – 2:30 pm
The fourth session was handled by Mr. M. R. Gopinath, Co – Founder and CEO, Start – up Basket on the topic “Challenges and Opportunities for Start-ups in India”. He shared his start-up experiences. He discussed about the challenges he faced and the opportunities which he got during the course of time. He told the students on how to attract investors, schemes offered by the government, start-up basket and its goals and emphazised on creating an monopoly in the market. He mentioned about the options of minimum financing like stock options, working with vendors and partnering with companies like Amazon, IBM, etc which provides credits for developmental activities. The session ended with a quick question and answer round and with Dr. Jisha V G, faculty department of management felicitating the speaker with a memento as a token of appreciation.

Fifth Session and Valedictory
Time: 2:45 pm – 3:30 pm
The fifth and the last session was handled by Mr. Sam Rajshekhar, Senior Assiciate, Leadership Foundations International, USA on the topic “Societal Transformation through Social Entrepreneurship” followed by the valedictory. He said a person needs to be a human in order to become a social entrepreneur. He emphazied on helping the poor rather than waiting someone else to do it and seek to empower the ones living on the streets. He told the students to keep the environment in mind and proceed ahead with their business. There was a quick question and answer round after the session.

The session was followed by the valedictory ceremony. The speaker was felicitated by Prof. Vinod Joseph, Staff Coordinator, MDP with a memento as a token of appreciation.

Overall, all the sessions were very informative and were a great learning experience for all the participants. All the question and answer round conducted after each session was a great tool which helped all the participants to clear their doubts.

National Level Management Development Programme (MDP) on Leadership and Innovation for Digital Transformation
“Pivoting is not the end of the disruption process, but the beginning of the next leg of your journey.”

Department of Management, Kristu Jayanti College is organized a National level Management Development Programme (MDP) with the theme “Leadership and Innovation for Digital Transformation” on 10 October 2019. The programme encompasses three technical sessions entitled Fintech for Leadership in Digital world, Social Media marketing for Business growth and Enhancing Interpersonal Effectiveness. The programme targets to inspire leaders and future managers of firms with the required organizational and technological know-how for translating a novel digital vision to execution for their organization with measurable impact. The target audience includes commerce and management students, academicians and corporate professionals as well.

The Programme was inaugurated on October 10th, 2019. Rev. Fr. Dr. Augustine George, the Vice Principal of our college in his presidential address appreciated this great initiative of the department and emphasized on the importance of the emerging technological era.

The chief guest for the inaugural function was Mr. Vijay Kumar, Digital Consultant, who was also the speaker of the keynote session I. The management development programme comprised of four keynote sessions for the day.

During the keynote session I, the chief guest introduced Blockchain & IOT to the gathering. The speaker discussed about the slow adoption of blockchain in India despite the great benefits and security that the system would provide. Mr. Vijay quoted various issues of the past and enumerated how the issues would have been solved if there had been a blockchain system in place. Some of the issues were Columbia disaster and frequent fire accidents in hotels. The session concluded on a positive note as the Interrogation session brought light on many challenges that can be faced through a blockchain strategy and served to be highly informative.

The speaker of keynote session II was Mr. Srinivas Mahankali, Head, Blockchain practice, NSG. The theme of the second keynote session was “FINTECH for leadership in digital world”. The speaker reiterated the importance of blockchain with automation to gain leadership. Being a part of the government organization, Mr. Mahankali enumerated the strategies of government to implement blockchain. He quoted the Tamil Nadu government’s blockchain implementation as an example for rest of the country. He also provided insights on the benefits that the citizens would get after successful implementation of such systems. He highly enlightened the students about the concept of blockchain in government. The session served to be resourceful for the participants.

Mr. Vishal Srivatsava, Marketing & Business consultant, the keynote speaker of session III emphasized on social media as a medium for marketing in era. He brought in a comparison of conventional medium like Television, billboards, Printed articles with the modern medium which is the virtual platform. He ranked the virtual platform higher in terms of cost and reach. He also quoted some examples of businesses that use this platform solely. The session served to be highly informative.

The keynote speaker for the final session of this programme was Mr. Rahul K Ravindran, Leadership and Behaviour skills facilitator, TVS Motors. He began the session by narrating the “tale of two brothers” to the audience- a story to break the ice. During his session, he introduced the audience to different aspects of personality and engaging this personality to develop better interpersonal skills. The speaker also conducted an activity for the audience to assess their behavior styles. The session was very engaging and hence proved to be really useful for self-assessment.

The keynote session IV being the final session, the management development programme, 2019 concluded.

This programme enabled the participants to develop a clear and holistic understanding about the emerging era of IT & Blockchain and these insights will be carried forward in future decision making. Overall, the keynote sessions of the programme proved to be truly resourceful and motivational for the participants.

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