Student Development Program

Skill Development in Business Economics
Date: 26 April 2023
The Department of Professional Accounting and Finance organized a skill development session on “BUSINESS ECONOMICS” on 26th April 2023 for the Ist year B Com P4 and P7 students. Dr. Aakash Kumar, Asst. Professor, Dept. of Professional Accounting and Finance addressed the students.

The main objective of the session was to make the students aware of consumer surplus, price output determination, and markets. The speaker discussed the various types of markets and their use and application in everyday life. The talk provided students with in-depth knowledge of the topics covered and their application in the economic and business world.

It was an interactive session among the students and the session concluded after clearing the queries of the students.

Guest Lecture on Behavioural biases
Date: 17 November 2022
The Department of Professional Accounting and Finance conducted a Skill Development Activity for final year Honours students of the Department. The session was conducted on 17th November 2022and the resource person was Prof Aneesha K Shaji, Assistant Professor, Kristu Jayanti College.

The speaker presented an interactive session to the students on the various aspects of Behavioural Finances and emphasised on the Behavioural biases of investors. The speaker started the session on providing an understanding on the origin of behavioural finance. She continued her session with providing the differences between behavioural finance and traditional finance. The key concepts and definitions of various terminologies under behavioural finance were emphasised. The speaker also spoke on the various types of behavioural biases and its impact on the decision making of investors. Prof. Aneesha shared some live examples and real life situations to emphasise the impact of emotional bias on an investor.

It was an informative and enlightening session.

Soft Skills Training Session on Essentials of Personality
Date: 08 November 2022
Centre for Soft Skills & Aptitude Training (CSSAT), Kristu Jayanti College, Bengaluru organized a Soft Skills Training Seminar “Essentials of Personality” for Second Year B.COM PFA students on 8th November 2022. The session aimed at personality enhancement representing different ways of thinking.

Dr. Geethu Anna Mathew, the resource person addressed the gathering and took the participants through a small activity that was reciprocated with enthusiasm. Students gained insights regarding personality enhancement. During the session, students interacted actively and gathered information on how to face situations and problems from a different perspective.

Soft Skills Training Session on Presentation Ninja
Date: 07 November 2022
Centre of Soft Skills Training of Kristu Jayanti College, Bengaluru organized a seminar on “Presentation Ninja” for First Year B.Com PAF students on 7th November 2022 at 1:40 pm in M1 Auditorium. The session aimed at the enhancement of public speaking traits and overcoming stage fear with the help of coding and decoding method. The session started with a silent prayer and a brief introduction by Ms. Riyana E who introduced Dr. Nidhi Raj Gupta, the Resource person and handed over the session to her. Dr. Nidhi Raj Gupta addressed the gathering and took the participants through a coding and decoding quiz, wherein most of the participants put forward their responses enthusiastically. The resource person also announced few surprises as goodies on every right response. She introduced the Ninja Techniques through “Vada Pavs”, which is a code for public speaking skill. Then after, she talked about stage fear and gave practical solutions keeping students in mind. The session ended with a Vote of Thanks by Ms. Nafiya H.

Through the seminar, students gained comprehensive insights regarding “Public Speaking”. During the session, they interacted actively and gathered information on how to tackle stage fear and how to overcome on-spot mistakes and problems from a different perspective. This session helped the students to understand the importance of public speaking and enhance problem solving and decision-making skills.

Dare to Startup
Date: 15th September 2022
The Department of Professional Accounting and Finance conducted “Dare to Start-up” product launch competition for the III and V semesters students. It was an activity conducted in commemoration of World Entrepreneurs Day for the academic year 2022- 2023. “Dare to start up” was a product launch competition wherein participants were required to pitch in their product ideas amidst a set of judges. The theme for startup was Sustainability. The event judging criteria was Innovation, Sustainability, Creativity, Novelty and Presentation. Approximately 21 teams had registered for the event and 10 teams made it to the final round after eliminations. The teams displayed a tough fight and came up with innovative and unique product initiation ideas. He event was conducted on the framework of one of the most popular TV shows - Shark Tank. The alumni’s Mr Joel Kuruvilla and Jestina acted as judges for the event with the students’ coordinators’ of the event acting upon rebuttals. The event was also conducted with the aim of developing skills in the advances learners and granting a platform to the budding entrepreneurs to brainstorm enterprising ideas.

Innovation Incubation and Business Acceleration
Date: 12 September 2022
The Department of Professional Accounting and Finance organized a Seminar on “Innovation Incubation and Business Acceleration” on 12th September 2022 for the first year B. Com Professional students.

Dr. Muruganantham A - Director Kristu Jayanti Incubation Centre and Prof. Stephen Deepak - Vice President, Institution’s Innovation Council addressed the students. The main objective of the programme was to make students aware of the importance of Pre-Incubators, Incubators and Accelerators, fostering innovation and entrepreneurial skills. Dr.Muruganantham enlightened the students about the procedure of start-ups and whom to approach in case of any difficulty in the incubation process. He explained the role played by KJIC in helping young entrepreneurs. He also gave information about the collaboration of KJIC to Universities, Government aided programme & missions.

Prof. Stephen Deepak emphasized the need to start early as an entrepreneur as it would give way to more opportunities. The speaker gave a gist of benefits of being incubated at KJIC and how an ecosystem is provided for budding startups. He gave a glimpse of the plan for upcoming events namely Idea Olympics National Innovation Contest, Business Proposal and more. Insights were given by speakers about companies already being incubated at Kristu Jayanti Incubation Centre and about their growth. The session witnessed an engaging participation

Orientation on “Career Planning and the Way Forward”
Date: 18-05-2022
Department of Professional Accounting and Finance organised orientation programme on “Career Planning and the Way Forward” on 18th May 2022 in Room No B308, Admin Block for the second and third year B.Com CMA aspirants. Mr.Uttam Pai, CMA,CPA addressed the students. Ms.Honey Rai, General Manager, Human Resources- Miles Education and Ms. Rhea Mariam Zenu, Manager- Academics and Student Relations also addressed the students

The main objectives of the programme was to make the students aware of the importance of clearing CMA exams pursuing graduation. The lecture threw light on the benefits of completing the CMA exams before graduation. Mr.Uttam Pai discussed with the CMA aspirants the methods to make efficient use of the study material provided, the study pattern of students and tips on exam preparation. The speaker motivated the students by sharing his own experience in exam preparation. Mr.Pai also mentioned the importance of being familiar with all the current affairs of the business world and being confident holistic individuals who are able to convince employers of their ability to perform the work required by them.

The session concluded with Q & A wherein Mr.Uttam Pai, the resource person, clarified all the queries raised by the students

Student Development Programme
Date: 07/04/2022
The National Education Policy (NEP)-2020 envisions an education system rooted in Indian ethos that contributes directly to transforming India sustainably into an equitable and vibrant knowledge society by providing high quality education to all and thereby, making India a global knowledge superpower. In order to orient the students on the intricacies of the NEP curriculum, a session was conducted for the 2021 Batch students. The session was addressed by the Dean, Faculty of Commerce and Management, Dr. Aloysius Edward J. During the session, the speaker threw light on the multiple exit points, credit systems, holistic purview of NEP and the various components such of the curriculum such as DSC, DSE, VOC, OE, SEC were touched upon.

The session ended with a Q & A. It was an informative and enriching session.

Orientation Programme Navigation through Specialization
Date: 04/03/2022
The Department of Professional Accounting & Finance was conducted an orientation Program on “Navigation through Specialization” for the 2nd year B.Com Professional Students in continuation of the Research Project and course specialization. The session commenced with a silent prayer. Dr. Annie Stephen emphasized on how important the research project is to enrich the student’s corporate exposure and help them get a clear picture on how to move ahead on the same. Dr. J. Poornima highlighted on all the important aspects, key points and resource availability of each and every specialization. She put a light on the fact of how important it is to stick with the specialization and choose a related topic. At the end of the session the students were able to understand their Research project and specialization in detailed manner. The Session was concluded with a Q&A session to clarify the student’s queries regarding to the specializations and their procedure.

Guest Lecture on – “CAREER PROSPECTS”
The Chartered Accountancy qualification opens the door to a vast range of exciting career opportunities, in every sector of business and finance, both in India and internationally. Hence, in order to enlighten the students on the importance of Chartered Accountancy course and the future prospects, an expert lecture was organised, Mr.Georgy Mathew FCA, Senior Partner, Varma & Varma Chartered Accountants, Bengaluru was invited as the resource person.

The chief guest addressed the students on the importance of the course, and the pattern of the professional examinations. He also stated that the Chartered Accountants were in constant demand both in India and abroad, being recognised for their technical competence, professional standards and veracity. Becoming a Chartered Accountant combines innovative education with mentored work experience, to produce accountants who possess a greater ability to analyse and interpret business problems and develop dynamic solutions. He highlighted that perhaps that’s why Chartered Accountants have the edge over their counterparts: they rise further and faster into more diverse and important roles in organisations.

The resource person concluded by highlighting that no other career offers the mobility that a Chartered Accountancy qualification does. They take on the role of a business advisor, who makes high-level strategic decisions, aimed at driving business, improving profit margins and increasing market share for their clients / employers. Many Chartered Accountants also use their expertise to form their own businesses, becoming highly successful entrepreneurs.

Career Enhancement Prorgamme - Personal Interview
Date: 23-02-2022
The hallmark of a Personal Interview is the one to one or direct interaction between the candidate and the interviewer. Therefore, it is important that the students are well versed with the technicalities of the round and prepare themselves well for the HR Round / Personal Interview Round. The Personal Interview round can be a daunting task especially we one attends the interview unprepared. A session was conducted for the students to share tips for attending interviews. The session also included the most frequently asked questions at Interviews and the ways to effectively answer the questions. Some of the tips shared with the students included wearing formal attire, being well groomed, wearing a smile, positive body language, research about the company and the role offered and the skills essential to be a right role fit. A right mind set, eye contact, body language, confidence levels, attitude and willingness to adapt to the corporate culture are some of the traits looked for in candidates applying for interviews. To help students prepare for the questions asked during interviews, the speaker shares the FAQs at interviews and the best ways in which one could answer the questions with confidence and clarity of thought. Few of the FAQs that were discussed are : Tell us about yourself, What are your strengths and weaknesses, Where do you see yourself in 5 years, Have you held any leadership positions in the past, Why should we hire you, What re your future plans, Can you work under pressure and Do you have any questions

Although there are no right or wrong answers, an answer that conveys something about an individual that doesn’t match the Interviewers expectations can lead to an adverse situation. Therefore it is essential that the students rehearse and prepare themselves to face the round.

Career Enhancement Prorgamme - Group Discussion
Date: 22-02-2022
GD is a discussion that tests the candidate's skills, such as leadership skills, communication skills, social skills and behavior, politeness, teamwork, listening ability, General awareness, confidence, problem-solving skills, etc.

Dr. Lourdunathan F. The Group Discussion is generally the next level after the entrance exam to pursue a professional degree. In the case of recruitments, Group Discussion can be the starting or at the end, depending on different companies or organizations.

It is not fixed that the group discussion is always performed around the table. People can sit in any arrangement, but everyone should be able to see every face. It is not only the usual discussion, but it is also a discussion with knowledge and skill.

It is a well-known fact that GD (Group Discussion) round are difficult to clear and the percentage of number of students who cleared GD is considerably low and the dropout rate keeps increasing and many students get demotivated and they don’t try to learn from their mistake. In this regard, a Goup Discussion session was conducted by the Department for students of IV semester BCOM. The main objective of the session was to enlighten the students on the importance of GD in interview and share tips on clearing Group discussion.

Career Enhancement Programme
Date: 17-02-2022
Department of Professional Accounting and Finance, Kristu Jayanti College (Autonomous), organized a Career enhancement programme on 9th February 2022 for the second year B.Com students. Students require skills and knowledge in the business sector to help them position themselves for a successful career. To answer this demand a session was organized to enhance the confidence of the students to face the placement process of various companies. Dr.Reenu Mohan, Assistant Professor, Department of Professional Accounting and finance explained the selection procedures in corporate and the various types of rounds involved. She threw light on skills sought by employers in the selection procedure. Dr. Reenu gave insights about how to prepare oneself for group discussion, aptitude tests and pre interview. The students found the session very helpful and motivating as their queries were resolved at the end of the session.

Career Enhancement Programme Resume Writing
Date: 16/02/2022
Dr. G. Arockia Stalin, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Professional Accounting & Finance spoke on Resume Writing. The Department of Professional Accounting and Finance, Kristu Jayanti College (Autonomous), organized a Career Enhancement Programme on 17th February 2022 for the second year B.Com students. Students require skills and knowledge in the business sector to help them position themselves for a successful career. To cater to the needs of the students preparing for placements, a session was organized to enhance the confidence of the students to prepare the students for the interview process. Students were given tips on Resume Writing. The session included discussions on the following

How to write a Resume for campus Hiring
1. Write your contact information
2. Write a career objective / Professional Summary
3. Highlight your Academic Qualifications
4. Work / Internship Experience
5. Mention your Skills
6. Mention your Awards and Achievements
7. Mention your Hobbies and Interests

TIPS & TRICKS – Resume Building
 Target your resume to each Job
 Use Action Verbs – organised, trained and motivated…
 Keep it short / Be Honest
 Follow a (Reverse) Chronological order.
 Use Bullet points / Legible Font (TNR)
 Grammar & Spell Check

This session was enriching and informative.

Placement Orientation and Training Program
Date: 08 February 2022
The Placement season unwraps a feeling of anxiety and fear among those aspiring to get placed. The need to be adequately prepared for the unknown and brace up to match the expectations of the industry is a mandate. It is with this intention that the department of Professional Accounting and Finance organized a session on Placement Orientation and Training Programme. The resource person for the session was Prof. Sen B.Mathew , Director of CECR , Kristu Jayanti college who addressed the students and explained the process of Placements. He began the session by the introduction of CECR (Centre for Employability and Corporate relations) as a unit that facilitates and nurtures the aspirations of the candidates. He emphasized on a Sell-Match-Leadership concept and students were encouraged to empower themselves by creating their own brand. In an era of unmatched competition, the need for skilling, up skilling and reskilling is undebatable. Tips on how to prepare and present oneself at interviews were also shared at the session.

The 5C’s that stand for Choice, Collaboration, Communication, Critical thinking and Creative thinking were also discussed. Insights on the Do’s and Don’ts in personnel interviews, Resume building and Group Discussions were shared in a nutshell. The session was lively and interactive.

Project Orientation - II
Date: 15-02-2022
Research project is obviously a challenging and rewarding experience, it is an opportunity that helps the students to pursue an in-depth original study about the topic which interests the student. Helps them experience leadership and application of classroom knowledge in a real time environment.

The Department of Professional Accounting and Finance organized the Project Orientation-II on 15th February 2022 for Second Year B.Com students. Dr. J. Poornima commenced the session by giving an overview of the previous discussion followed by a doubt solving session. The resource person communicated the instructions that had to be followed by students in every step of the Research. The students were explained on how to select the research topic and organisation based on their specialisations and synopsis preparation, followed by the projection of formats of the contents of the Research project and the chapters that had to be submitted by the students in the course of the project under the guidance of the Faculty guide.

The session was concluded by delivering a complete idea of the Research Project followed by a Q&A session to clarify the student’s queries regarding the various aspects of the Research Project.

Reorientation on Jayantian Code of Conduct and Online Etiquette
Date: 24-01-2022
The department of Professional Accounting and finance organized reorientation session on Jayantian code of conduct and online class etiquettes for first years, second years and third years students on 24th January 2022. The students were oriented by the faculties towards academic excellence, student behavior and culture, leave application procedure, extra curricular activities during this semester and online certification courses .The session also included guidelines about netiquettes to be followed during online classes and guest lectures. The session was helpful in giving the students a right start for the academic year and providing a clarity on the on the Jayantian culture and values.The sessions were conducted by the following faculties:
I YEARS - Dr Annie and Dr Reenu Mohan
II YEARS - Dr Saranya and Dr Poornima
III YEARS - Dr Kiran and Dr Arockia Stalin

Workshop on Preparing for Work Life
Date: 20 November 2021
The present world is constantly changing and how each individual can stand unique with their communication and intellectual ability. In this regard, a workshop was organized on “Preparing for Work life” was found apt and hence this programme was organised for the I semester students of the Department.

Mr. Ashin Paul, the resource person addressed the students and spoke about the importance of knowing oneself and how to cope up with failure and pursue their dreams with determination. He also emphasized on the communication skills and some key techniques on how to build their communication skills. The resource person also spoke on the evolution of the workforce and the skills sets required for the present age. He emphasized on acquiring interpersonal discipline, learning new things each day, experimenting new things and learning how to communicate effectively. The session was interactive and useful.

NEP 2020 - Curriculum Framework
Date: 15th November, 2021
Dr. Aloysius Edward, Dean of Commerce and Management explained the importance and role of National education policy in revamping of Higher Education. He narrated an inspirational story of a carpenter and stated that the students are the architects of their life, hence they need to decide their destiny by themselves. He elaborated on the curriculum framework of NEP-2020 and discussed the entry and exit policies. He discussed the semester wise credit schemes of the BCom programme. The session concluded with vote of thanks by Assistant Prof. Litty M.

Reorientation on Jayantian Culture and Code of Conduct
Date: 15th November, 2021
A re-orientation session was organized for the first-year students of the Department of Professional Accounting and Finance on 15th November 2021. The session began with prayer song by the department choir. Dr.Annie Stephen, Head of the Department welcomed the students to the campus and introduced the faculties and facilities of the department. She explained the rules regarding campus discipline, class behaviour and dress code to be followed by the students. The students were informed about attendance and leave policies, scholarship schemes, various centres and committees of the college.

National webinar on Insurance Industry in Pandemic Times – Present and Future
Date: 25/09/2021
The Department of Professional Accounting and Finance, Kristu Jayanti College (Autonomous), Bengaluru, organized a national webinar on “Insurance Industry in Pandemic Times – Present and Future” on 25th September, 2021. The objective of conducting this webinar was to understand the impact of Covid-19 on the insurance sector and to practically enlighten the students regarding the functioning of insurance industry.

Mr.T.L.Aarunachalam, Director & Head-Cyber and Emerging Risks Practice, Bharat Re-Insurance Brokers Pvt. Ltd. India, was the resource person of the Webinar. More than 600 participants, including the learned professionals from various other institutions all over India participated in the webinar. Mr.T.L.Aarunachalam, highlighted that the importance of Insurance coverage claimimg that the pandemic had given us all a reality check. He stated that the life insurance claims increased 5-10 times post the 2nd wave, while general insurance like motor insurance etc., have witnessed a dip. He also shared about the recent developments and trends in the insurance sector. The career opportunities and courses offered in the field of Insurance were discussed. Several queries came up for discussion and the speaker addressed all the queries.The session was informative and interactive.

Natioanl Webinar on Creating Value through Corporate Restructuring
The outburst of the pandemic has caused a series of unprecedented challenges for the economy. Companies are grappling with significant disruptions and uncertainties in managing their business. Corrective actions are therefore imperative for traversing through such challenges such as foreseeable losses, disrupted supply chains, liquidity crisis and other risks. It would be important to accordingly, revisit and re-think strategy for restructuring opportunities to align businesses for their survival and resurgence.

The Department of Professional Accounting and Finance organised a National Webinar on “Creating Value through Corporate Restructuring" on 31st August, 2021.The resource person for the webinar, Shri. Sudhakar Giridharan, partner at 4-i Services, touched-base on various restructuring opportunities that businesses can opt for in order to revive and recoup from the disruptions caused by the pandemic. The webinar was conducted from 5:30 p.m. to 6:40 p.m. and was organized through the zoom platform and 540 participants joined the session. After the session, feedback was collected from attendees on the effectiveness of the session. Overall the session was informative and apt in the current state of affairs.

Orientation on CA Foundation Course
Date: 09th August, 2021
The professional courses such as CA/CS have been one of the most sought after career options for students, specifically in the Finance domain. On one hand, these professional courses are considered to be the most prestigious courses and on the other hand, the professional courses aren’t a cake walk either. There has been a tectonic shift in what the corporates and recruiters are looking for and hence a pressing need for our students to realize and align themselves with the paradigm shift was found to be the need of the hour.

It becomes imperative therefore to orient the students about the course and the way forward. The department of Professional Accounting and Finance conducted an orientation program for the students highlighting the future prospects of the course and the importance of the course in building competence and growth.

Project orientation
Date: 07/02/2021
Research Project is important for the students to nurture conceptual, analytical, communication, and interpersonal skills. Interns not only gain technical knowledge within the industry of their choice, but they also learn how to interact with professionals in a workplace setting, and develop essential soft skills like time management, organization, adaptability, problem-solving and teamwork.

Department of Professional Accounting and Finance was organized the Project orientation on 7th February 2022 for Second Year B.Com students. The orientation program was facilitated by Dr. J.Poornima Assistant Professor, Department of Professional Accounting and Finance. Participants were oriented about the provision & criteria of Research Project, steps of Project Report writing, Pre & Post preparation and activities, Marks distribution for each individual part of the Research Project, as well as the time schedule provided for its completion. The session concluded with an open discussion wherein the queries raised by the students were clarified.

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