Skilled Development Activities

Reader’s Island Club - Master of Words (Spell Bee Competition)
Date: 27 October 2022
The “Master of Words” competition was held on the 27th October 2022. The main intention was to enhance the spelling and literary skills of the participants. The event comprised of three rounds viz. Word Play, Magic Spell and Spellabrate. The first round of the competition was (Word Play) which was a written round. The participants were required to verbally spell the words. 27students participated in the competition. The second round was the Magic Spell which was also a written round. Here the difficulty level was slightly higher than the first round. A total of 15 participants moved on to the second round. The final round (spellabrate) was an oral round. This difficulty level was much higher for this round. The students performed extremely well and displayed a competitive spirit. The judges for this round were Dr. Nidhi Raj Gupta and Dr Reenu Mohan. The participants were yet again given five words to spell. All the finalists performed extremely well in this round.

Skill Development Lecture on Feel The Magic of Trading
Date: 29 September 2022
The Speculators club conducted a session on the commemoration of World Investors Week on the topic of Feel the magic of trading. The objective of this skill development lecture was to give an insight on the trading procedures through live session and live examples. The session was led by Dr. K. Kiran Kumar, Faculty Coordinator. He began the session with an introduction on the way in which money can be used- Save, Spend and Invest. He explained the Live Trading procedure with various examples by using DSIJ virtual trading App. He gave a brief insights on Buy and Sell strategies like how to buy, why to buy and what are the reasons to buy before investing in the stock market. Furthermore, he discussed about the recent IPO’s in India like LIC IPO and PayTM IPOs with their advantages and disadvantages. The session was interactive and invited an open discussion with the students.

Innovative Investing
Date: 30th September 2022
World Investor Week (WIW) – an International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO) initiative, is a global investor awareness campaign. WIW is celebrated every year, across the world, by the securities market regulators. The week witnesses a host of investor awareness activities across the globe and the investors are explained about the importance of investor education and protection.

Joining hands with the intent of creating awareness and investor protection, the Speculators club conducted a session on the occasion of the World Investors Week titled Innovative Investing. The session was led by Dr. K. Kiran Kumar Faculty Co-ordinator- Speculators Club.

Amid growing retail participation in equity markets, the investor awareness programmes and education play an important role in helping new investors make informed decisions. It is essential that investors do not get lured by false promises and unsolicited advice. The attractive avenues for investments were discussed at length. The speaker also spoke about the importance of Investment and Savings and shared the life cycle of an Investor at various stages. He also he spoke about Crypto Currency, Non fungible Tokens, Crowd Funding with current Ponzi schemes and case studies and shared the advantages and disadvantages of different investments. The session was informative.

Introduction to Securities Market
Date: 28th September 2022
The Department of Professional and Accounting and Finance, in collaboration with the Speculators Club, Kristu Jayanti College, Autonomous, Bengaluru and in association with SEBI, NSE and NSDL organised a seminar on "Introduction to Securities Market" on September 28, 2022. The event was organised as part of the World Investor Week organised by the Speculators Club. The guest speakers of the event were Mr. Edward Marandi-Deputy General Manager, SEBI, Ms. Garima- Manager, SEBI, Mr. Ravi Uppe- Deputy Manager, NSE and Mr. Supratim Mitra- AVP, NSDL.

The session began with interactive questions by Mr. Edward in order to understand the knowledge and awareness levels of the students. He highlighted the need for investments, shared the concepts of Capital Market and also shared the Golden theory of Finance. He laid emphasis on the fact that all participants should be "informed investor". The session was continued by Ms. Garima who gave insights on the role of securities markets, importance and works done by SEBI, prerequisites of buying and selling, Initial Public Issue and also on the benefits of Mutual Funds. She also emphasised on the rights of shareholders and also the do's & don'ts of buying and selling. The next session was conducted by Mr. Ravi who gave information on the trading account opening and order placement process. He also shared insights on the good practices of a prudent investor and also informed the various Investor Grievance Redressal platforms. The final session by Mr. Supratim was on the Depository services and the role of Depository services. He also highlighted the importance of ISIN which they term as the "birth of a company". The session ended with Q & A.

Tagore’s Chandalika
Date: 29th September 2022
Self-consciousness, up to a point, is necessary to self-development; for without an awareness of the dignity of one’s own role or function, one cannot give one’s best to the world. The above lines are taken from one of the dramas of Rabindranath Tagore– Chandalika.

The Department of Professional Accounting and Finance in collaboration with the Kristu Jayanti Theatre Club organized a play titled ‘Tagore’s Chandalika’ on 29th September 2022 for the second year B. Com professional students.

The story that is revealed in the plot is all about discovering new dimensions of life, as well as, discovering one’s inner self. The drama offers many aspects of human approaches, such as, over obsession for something can be as disastrous as gulping poison. Another aspect of the play is discovered through the act of quenching thirsty Buddhist monk, that proves to be a kind of “rebirth” for a girl who is meant to be untouchable. The presence of the mother is a cue of saying that, one should not step out of the boundaries that are set by the religion and society for any person living on this earth. Rebellion against the wall of system and society, is another thing that is portrayed by the drama. The presence of a Buddhist monk in the play, rejuvenates it, bringing whole of a new sense to the play, teachings of Buddha, determination towards life and bringing up the best of a person, is that converts it into a multi-dimensional and psychological drama of intense spiritual conflict. Finally, turning into redemption, along with self-realization, the drama had a tale to tell, that –

Love does not claim possession, but it gives freedom.

The main intent of the event was to make the students understand the concepts taught in the class through innovative approach by enacting the concepts through a play. Rev. Fr. Deepu Joy, Student Welfare Officer, graced the occasion. Fr.Deepu Joy congratulated all the actors and highlighted one of the key takeaways from the play, stating "Self - Humiliation is the greatest sin”.

Skill Development Activity on Book Buzz
Date: 29th September 2022
"There is more treasure in books than in all the pirate's loot on Treasure Island." — Walt Disney.

Of all the skills, one may have imbibed growing up, arguably none are more important than the ability to read. Each book that you read is an opportunity to learn something new. Reading teaches new perspectives. Also, reading is an effective way of boosting your memory and enhancing your focus.

The Reader’s Island Club of Department of Professional Accounting and Finance, Kristu Jayanti College (Autonomous) in association with the Library and Information Centre organized an event titled “Book Buzz” on 29th September 2022 for all the students.

The aim of the activity was to promote book reading habits among the students. Book reading is an essential activity especially for those want to rise above the ordinary. The students were required to pick up a book and finish reading it in a week’s time. The students creatively projected the story of the book through a representation on chart papers leading to a visual delight and quick comprehension of the contents of a book through a creative demonstration. Around 60 students participated in the event. The participants were judged based on creativity, material used and portrayal of the story.

Smart Investor
Date: 27 September 2022
The Department of Professional Accounting and Finance in association with the Speculators Club celebrated the World Investor Week. The day 1 of the World Investor Week was held on 27th September 2022 at Kristu Jayanti College and the speaker of the day was C A Sreedevi P Menon, Asst. Professor of Kristu Jayanti College. The speaker started the session with a brief note on World Investor Week. The theme of the World Investor Week was highlighted and the speaker continued the session to understand the awareness of the participants on few key terms like DEMAT Account, Stock Exchange, Depository Participant, IPO and SENSEX. Further the speaker spoke about stocks that are part of NIFTY 50 and its historical returns. The students were educated about different types of securities in the market like equity, debt, derivatives, mutual funds, future & options. The speaker touched upon the fact that valuation is the key to determining value of a share in an IPO. Some tips & tricks of trading of shares were highlighted by the speaker. The speaker also shared her experience of trading or investing. The session concluded with a crossword puzzle activity. It was an interactive and informative session.

Skill Development Lecture “Flip the Script for Success”
Date: 27th September 2022
In today’s competitive world job-hunting has become a truly adventurous task. To get a desired job, students have to participate in the rat race of qualified, highly-qualified and experienced or fresh candidates. To succeed in this race, drafting an appropriate resume and presenting their candidature is a crucial challenge. Hence, in order to overcome this challenge and to be successful in their career a skill development lecture was organised by the department. Mr. Kaarthik Subramaniyan was invited as the resource person.

The chief guest took over the session by explaining about the importance of resume, the right format to be chosen, how to prepare an objective, present the skills, achievements, project details and many more. Sir, has also provided information on how to answer the questions related to the areas of their strengths and weaknesses. Sir highlighted about the three different formats of resume according to the job profile along with writing a covering letter or a mail.

Sir concluded the session by stating that job recruiters scrutinise and select an applicant whose resume stands out in the competition. Hence, it is the ‘first impression’ that needs skill, time, and efforts from the aspiring candidates to keep it updated, specific, impressive, well-crafted and suitable for a particular position. The session has helped the students to gain practical exposure on effectively presenting their credentials in their resume.

Awareness of Mutual Funds
Date: 27th August 2022
Successful Investing is about managing risk, not avoiding it”-Benjamin Graham.

The Department of Professional Accounting and Finance organized a Skill Development Lecture on Awareness of Mutual Funds focusing on effective wealth creation on 15th September 2022, through online mode. This seminar was organised to inculcate the idea of mutual funds among the students of first year.

The Resource person, Mr. Rahul Dawan, is a Trainer in Jai Vatnani & Company, Mumbai. Mr. Rahul Dawan stated that there is never a perfect time to learn or invest, but there is always a right time and a wrong time. He further explained that asset allocation and Portfolio management plays a major role in investment and expressed that when inflation is low, the investors feel that they know more about the future, and are much more willing to take risks. The session focused on beginners’ level of understanding on investment portfolio and their management and also on topics such as working of mutual funds, equity and debt schemes, scheme related documents, international funds, index bench marks and other related topics on investing.

The session was very comprehensive and enriching.

Dare to Startup
Date: 15th September 2022
The Department of Professional Accounting and Finance conducted “Dare to Start-up” product launch competition for the III and V semesters students. It was an activity conducted in commemoration of World Entrepreneurs Day for the academic year 2022- 2023. “Dare to start up” was a product launch competition wherein participants were required to pitch in their product ideas amidst a set of judges. The theme for startup was Sustainability. The event judging criteria was Innovation, Sustainability, Creativity, Novelty and Presentation. Approximately 21 teams had registered for the event and 10 teams made it to the final round after eliminations. The teams displayed a tough fight and came up with innovative and unique product initiation ideas. He event was conducted on the framework of one of the most popular TV shows - Shark Tank. The alumni’s Mr Joel Kuruvilla and Jestina acted as judges for the event with the students’ coordinators’ of the event acting upon rebuttals. The event was also conducted with the aim of developing skills in the advances learners and granting a platform to the budding entrepreneurs to brainstorm enterprising ideas.

Commerce Club
Date: 26th March 2022
Joel chaired the meeting, which began with the case studies presented on Wednesday. The case study subjects were as follows:
1)India's Economic Challenge
2)Celebrity CEO start-ups
3)Ashneer Vs. BharatPe
Rohan provided a summary of his thoughts on all the case studies.
Returning to the meeting, they spoke about Monetary Policy Company, Accommodative Stance, Calibrated Tightening, and Hawking.

Aayush discussed the offline and online concepts associated with start-ups. He touched on Celebrity CEOs such as Elon Musk; recently whose Tesla had its price fall and investors lost almost $5 billion. When market prices decline, impoverished people's pensions suffer. Billionaires are engaging in reckless behavior, and it is time to investigate.

The second session included group discussions, presentations, and debate. On the issue between Ashneer and BharathPe, two teams were formed. They were given 20 minutes to discuss on how to prove their points. A task was assigned to each team.

Team 1 was tasked with creating a PowerPoint presentation on how to rebrand the company.
Team 2 was tasked to issue a statement as Ashneer after being forced to resign.
Ananya represented the BharathPe team. BharathPe is rising from a crisis.
Sharanya represented the Ashneer team. After being compelled to quit, he issued the following statement.

Ananya and Rohan brought the one-hour intense conversation to a conclusion.
Theertha announced the winners after a long evaluation at the end of the two-hour meeting. Team Ashneer was victorious. Identifying each team's strengths and weaknesses, as well as suggestions for enhancing future conversations.

Skill Enhancement Programme on ‘New Enterprise Creation: Procedures and Formalities’
Kristu Jayanti College, Bengaluru always thrives to cater to the all-round development of their students. The main focus of the institution has always been to encourage young, dynamic and enthusiastic minds to raise their voice on pertinent issues and play the role of change maker in society. The Department of Professional Accounting and Finance organized skill enhancement programme on new enterprise creation: Procedures and formalities by Mr. P K Thomas.

Mr. PK Thomas is an entrepreneur and an academician with more than 29 years of experience, of which around 18 years in corporate sector and the rest with entrepreneurial activities and academia. He is associated with JAIN (Deemed to be University), St. John’s Medical College and other reputed Business Schools. The programme was conducted under the guidance of the coordinator Dr. Annie Stephen, FCA and Dr. J. Poornima along with the consistent efforts of the student coordinators. Mode of conducting the session was via zoom.

The speaker primarily spoke on the various forms of enterprises and the procedures for setting up enterprises. The speaker threw light on the statistics of start-ups worldwide and also emphasised on the need of startups in India. It helped students in developing concepts for evaluating a personal entrepreneurial strategy potential and to pursue an enterprise through a business plan, and determine whether the strategy can create a good fit and work out an an attractive risk-reward balance. The session was informative and helpful to the students. The session concluded with a Vote of Thanks.

Yale to Tale : Online Anchoring Competition
Date: 2 October 2021
The Department of Professional Accounting and Finance , Kristu Jayanti College (Autonomous) conducted an online anchoring competition for the first semester B.Com Professional students titled ‘Yale to tale ’ on 2nd October 2021.The aim of the competition was to provide an opportunity for the students to exhibit their public speaking skills . Thirty students actively participated in the event by creating a one minute video on the given theme and uploaded in the link given. The winners were selected on the basis of creativity, fluency and voice modulation.

MUN 2021 Igniting Economic Growth
The Department of Professional Accounting and Finance organized a Model United Nations (MUN) on 12th November 2021. The theme was “Igniting Economic Growth, One Debate at a time”. MUN is an academic simulation of the real United Nations where the students play the role of delegates from different countries and attempt to solve real world issues. There were five committees in this MUN, United Nations Security Council (UNSC), Social and Humanitarian Council (SOCHUM), International Monetary Fund (IMF), World Trade Organization (WTO) and Economical and Financial Committee (ECOFIN).

The MUN started with the inaugural session, where our principal, Rev. Fr. Dr Augustine George gave us an insight about how important leadership and teamwork is. Later, the delegates were asked to go to their respective committees. The session started with roll call and general speakers list, following which Moderated caucuses, Unmoderated Caucus, resolution drafting, voting procedures and crisis took place. The delegates were very well prepared with the information regarding their agenda and their countries. The MUN ended with the valedictory ceremony, where the winners were felicitated.

Financial Extravaganza Exhibition
Date: 08 December 2021

Session on “Union Budget- Direct Taxation”
The Department of Professional Accounting and Finance organized a session on “Union Budget- Direct Taxation” on 5th February 2022. Growth-oriented and pro-development, India’s Union Budget 2022-23 lay down the its plan for the economy for the next 25 years. Despite repeated waves of the COVID-19 infection, supply-chain disruptions and inflation, the Indian economy is expected to register a growth rate of 9.27 per cent in the current financial year, implying that the overall economic activity has recovered from the pre-pandemic levels. The Union Budget 2022-23 revolved around four key pillars including Inclusive Development, Productivity Enhancement, Financing Investments and PM GatiShakti.

The budget took a transformative approach to boost economic growth and sustainable development driven by its seven engines such as - Mass Transport, Waterways, Railways, Roads, Airports, Ports, and Logistics Infrastructure. However, with all its lush green initiatives, the question remains – what is there for the common man, a question that still lingers in the minds of the people.In the education sector the budget focused on the skill development and provision of world-class education to students across the country for the education sector by the launch of a digital ecosystem for skilling and livelihood (DESH-Stack e-portal). Therefore, an insightful session of Budget 2022 was planned to discuss the highlights of the Budget especially with regard to Income Tax. The session was conducted through the zoom platform. The resource persons Mr. Sudhakar Giridharan and Mr. Mahadevan R , Chartered Accountants covered various areas of changes in direct taxations such as virtual digital assets, foreign-sourced dividends, slab rates and more. The session was informative and resourceful.

Cyber Law and Cyber Crime Case Laws
Date: 09-02-2022
Department of professional accounting and finance, Kristu Jayanti College (Autonomous), organized a Skill development lecture on 9th February 2022 for the final year B.Com students. The issue of Cyber Crimes is emerging as a big challenge around the world and India is no exception. With its growing economy, the huge IT industry is very attractive for organized cyber criminals to target India and its citizens. Prof.Mahesh S Betasur, Assistant Professor, Kristu Jayanti College of Law,the resource person for the session discussed various kinds of cybercrimes occurring in recent times and precautions to be taken while usage of internet. The procedure to file against cybercrimes was also discussed. Instances of cyber bullying, data theft and encrypted data that have occurred in the recent times were also shared. As the youth are generally vulnerable to cybercrimes, the session also entailed ways in which one could avoid becoming a victim of cybercrimes were discussed at length. The National Cyber Crime Reporting Portal (, enabled the public to report incidents pertaining to all types of cyber-crimes, with a special focus on cyber-crimes against women and children. The session was informative and an eye opener for the attendees.

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