Examination Coordination Committee

The continuous evaluation process in Kristu Jayanti College is overlooked by the Examination Coordination Committee headed by the COE under the guidance of the Principal of the college. The committee meets regularly for the discussion on the evaluation process.

Examination Coordination Committee Members
Mr. Jeo Joy A
Mr. R Aswin Herbert Sathish
Dr. Gopika S
Dr. Santhosh V
Dr. Preetha M
Dr. Syed Muen
Ms. Reena R
Ms. Ann Mary Joyson
Mr. Stephen I
Ms. Shilpa Rao
Dr. Dhanamalar M
Mr. Amjad Hassan Khan
Mr. Vinod Baburao Meghsham
Ms. Preethi S J G
Dr. Chandrakala
Dr. Sivagama Sundari
Dr. Dileep Francis
Dr. Soya Mathew
Mr. Dhanpal C
Dr. Pushpa
Dr. A J Excelce
Dr. Esther Shoba R
Dr. Vinoth B
Dr. Pauline V N
Ms. Sharmili Chatterjee
Dr. Riya Singh
Dr. Sneha Suresh
Dr. Anindita Chowdhury
Mr. Prasanna P

Duties and Responsibilities of the Examination Coordination Committee

  • Conduct of End Semester Examinations
  • Conduct of Mid Term Examinations
  • Continuous Internal Assessment (CIA) / Formative Assessment(FA)
  • Organize Graduation Day

Duties and Responsibilities of the COE Office

  • Conduct of End Semester Examinations
  • Conduct of Mid Term Examinations
  • Continous Internal Assessment (CIA)/Formative Assessment(FA)Marks Calculation & Publication
  • Marks Card Distribution
  • Monitoring evaluation process
  • Publication of results
  • Grievance Redressal
  • Organize Graduation Day
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