Euphonia - Music fest

EUPHONIA '23 (National level Music Fest)
The Literary and Cultural Association of Kristu Jayanti College organized EUPHONIA 2023, The Inter-Collegiate Music Fest on 4 March 2023. The theme specifically chosen for the following fest was SYMPHONIC CREDENTIA, embracing that Music is a universal art form that brings people together with its combination of vocal and instrumental sounds. It has the power to express ideas, evoke emotions, and foster social harmony, making it the universal gift that is understood everywhere. The event was conducted in Offline mode with the active participation of more than 500 Undergraduate students registering from various colleges for various Music events.

The fest was stimulated with a promotion held on the 3rd of March in the Main Block Quadrangle with each form of Music depicting the Diversity of Music which was then concluded with Rev. Fr. Dr. Augustine George declaring the commencement of the fest in the presence of Fr. Lijo P Thomas, Fr. Emmanuel P.J, Fr. Deepu Joy, Fr. Jais V Thomas, Faculty coordinators of The Literary and Cultural Association and various other students and faculties.

There were multitudinous events including Swara (Eastern Solo Singing), Rhythm de Lame(Western Solo Singing), Solo Soundscapes( Solo Instrumental), Chanten Duo (Duet Singing), Rhythmic Rhapsody( Western Acoustic), Taal Tarang( Eastern Group Singing), Rock you Rock On( Battle of Bands), Percussion Posse( Percussion), Boots and Cats (Beatboxing), Mic Drop (Rap) and had ground break registrations. External Judges were invited to judge different Musical Events and were astonished to see the bunch of talented participants. All the contestants cordially participated in the event with the Guidance of teachers, the active involvement of Student Volunteers, and the judges.

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