Kristu Jayanti Music Academy (KJMA)

Welcome to Kristu Jayanti Music Academy
Kristu Jayanti College believes that learning could happen anywhere it is not limit to just academics and classrooms. The Kristu Jayanti Music Academy provides quality music education within an environment that nurtures every student’s music skills and also inculcating in them a passion for music whether as a hobby or a career.

The academy conducts regular training programmes for students on vocals and guitar. The trained students are then given a chance to perform at "Once a upon a Tune" - A Christmas Musical Play, "Woodrock" - Intra collegiate musical fest, various in house and inter-collegiate fests.

The Choir The Kristu Jayanti choir is a home of growth and learning for a blend of musicians, vocalists and producers. In the year 2019-2020 the choir consisted of 110 students from all walks of life, united by their one passion for music. The choir comprises of up to seven parts of harmony. The Kristu Jayanti Choir has represented at the Regional, State and National level and has also won at National levels multiple times. The choir regularly releases their productions on various platforms, and also has their own YouTube channel. Every year the choir is invited to various prestigious events such as, Magnificat, Glorious etc.


Signature (Acapella group) Acapella is a group or solo singing that isn’t accompanied by any instruments, just voices harmonizing to create music. Every year a group of best singers from the college choir are selected to represent the college in Regional, State and National level and are trained by the Music faculty. The team as a whole focuses on creativity, harmony and unique arrangement for the songs to be performed.

Every year after the choir orientation, auditions are held for ‘Signature’.

The “Signature” team from Kristu Jayanti College has represented Bangalore University in The Association of Indian University’s (AIU) National Level Cultural Youth Fest and has won consecutively for 11 years.

Once Upon A Tune Once Upon a Tune is an original production, a musical put together by the Kristu Jayanti College Choir.

This play is staged for the students and faculty members of our college during the month of December, keeping in mind the spirit of Christmas. Each year the play consists of a theme which unique, different and brings out the real essence of Christmas.

WOODROCK Woodrock is an in-house musical concert which showcases the talents of the Kristu Jayanti College choir. The choir performs in various languages and genres of music. The performance is telecasted live on many social media platforms.

Woodrock also produces songs each year and uploads them on their various social media platforms.

CHOIR AUDITION REGISTRATION 2021 The KJMA has planned and arranged for Virtual auditions for the students of Kristu Jayanti College. Interested students can enroll for audition by clicking the link below.


1. The songs can be Western (English) or Eastern (Vernacular).
2. Time limit - 2 minutes.
3. No vulgarity in lyrics is allowed.
4. A raw file must be submitted.
5. Editing of the audio or the video file is not allowed.
6. Use of karaoke is not allowed.
7. Use of recording apps are not allowed.
8. The video should be focused on the individual.

1. Use of musical editing software is strictly prohibited.
2. Only raw file of the recording is allowed.
3. Time limit - 2 minutes.
4. The video should be focused on the individual and the instrument.

General Instructions
1. Students are expected to follow all the guidelines given above.
2. Students are allowed to take part both in vocals and instrumentals. If a student is only taking part in vocals, NIL can be put in the place of Instrumentals and vice versa.
3. The Google Form will be valid from 6th to 10th October.

For queries please contact
Music Faculty: Mr. Paulson | (7406553843)
Student Coordinator: Mr. Isaac | (99868 55314)
Ms. Sophia | (9901683125)

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