Name of the Event: Woodrock
Date: 13th April 2022
Woodrock is an annual in-house musical concert that aims to provide a platform to exhibit the extraordinary musical talents of our Jayantians. It is a multi-genre performance spanning different languages. This year Woodrock was a great opportunity for many, not just from KJMA but also from various other departments. Mr. Paulson A, The Music Director of KJMA coordinated the concert efficiently and professionally handled each element with the sound engineers.

The concert began with a welcome address by Ms. Sophia Stephen, student secretary of the Kristu Jayanti Music Academy, for the academic session 2021-2022. The concert was flagged off with the performance by the students of Kristu Jayanti Music Academy. This year, the KJMA choir consisted of 105 vocalists divided into four parts - 55 Sopranos, 21 Altos, 25 Tenors and 4 Basses – and 17 musicians. The first performance was a choral arrangement of “Symphony” by Clean Bandit and Zara Larson. An energetic performance of “Happy” by Pharrell Williams was followed by a soothing rendition of the Tamil melody, “Raasathi” arranged by A. R. Rahman. The choir had the audience brimming with energy with their power-packed delivery of “Chekele”, a Malayalam song by the band “Aviyal”. The last song sung by the choir was “Lokada Kalaji,” a Kannada number by Raghu Dixit, which elevated the enthusiasm of the crowd with its catchy, toe-tapping rhythm.

The Signature team stole the stage with their harmonious, energy-packed performance of “Mirrors” by Justin Timberlake. The KJMA’s performance concluded with an instrumental performance by the Musicians.

It was not only the Kristu Jayanti Choir who performed but we did have other young creative and passionate Jayantians from UG, PG and Kristu Jayanti College Of Law who performed for WOODROCK in various languages. There were five Group Songs, three Bands, two Solo performances, one Beat Boxing performance and one Rap performance.

Rev. Father Emmanuel, Director - Kristu Jayanti College of Law, who is a constant source of guidance and motivation to all Jayantians, was the chief guest of the day. He delivered the presidential address. Father encouraged each participant and thanked the audience for their enthusiastic and active participation.

Overall, the program was a grand success and a great source of musical entertainment. Students took the opportunity to show case their hidden talents and gave spectacular performances along with the choir. The long-awaited show paid off with all the efforts put behind it. The program was thoroughly enjoyed by the physical audience as well as all those who joined the event virtually. The show ended with a vote of thanks from Master Isaac Stalin, the other student secretary of Kristu Jayanti Music Academy.

Name of the Event: Woodrock
Date: 23/02/2019
No. of Participants: 106(Female=66, Male=40)
Woodrock, the annual music festival was held at Kristu Jayanti College on 23rd February 2019. A total of 13 songs were performed by the college choir along with other participants from the college. The performances included songs from various languages, like English, Hindi and Tamil. Some of the famous songs performed were Heal the World, Mamma Mia, Kabira, Soch na Sake, Malaray, and Tunak tunak. There was another spell binding session where students on spot jammed to tunes from the jazz genre. There were around 106 participants which included 84 vocalists, 8 musicians, 4 in logistics teams, 2 in tech team and 8 in prop team.

Mr. Prujeeth Joshua, the faculty coordinator of this musical festival directed the entire show and was praised by the principal of the college for making this symphony possible.

Music is a unique art of expressing emotions, and students of Kristu Jayanti College showed charisma and enthusiasm in performing and in supporting their fellow mates.

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