The Centre for Social Activities (CSA)

Centre for Social Activities is the fruit of natural and noble impulses. The service rendered on humanitarian considerations and without any motive of profit make it’s a unique unit. Obligations, integrity, noble thoughts, individual dignity, duties towards society, compassionate service to social justice and human relationships are inherent to The Centre for Social Activities of Kristu Jayanti College.

The Centre for Social Activities, proffers an artery to extend the students’ service to the society. CSA volunteers educe maximum knowledge and exposure from CSA through their socially involved activities which moulds them to be a responsible citizen.

The Centre for Social Activities was initiated in the year 2009 as a student social movement in order to transform the Mission, Vision and Core values of the college in to the reality. CSA is a platform for student volunteers to serve the society in order to bring social change and also provides an opportunity to interact with various NGOs.

The objectives of CSA are:

  • To facilitate holistic development of students by involving them in social activities.
  • To enable the underprivileged to access tangible results in their quality of life.
  • To facilitate innovative practices in strengthening college – community relationship.

The programs of CSA are Jagruth, Bhavishyajyothi, Vikas Kendra, Rural Exposure Camp, Blood Donation Camps, and Sponsorship program for School children, Health checkup camps, Computer literacy programs, Awareness campaign on social issues, Interaction with NGOs and celebrating Youth week and so on.

Centre for Social Activities - Consolidated Activities 2018-2019 [VIEW HERE]

CSA Committee Members
Mr. Shashi Kumar M
Mr. Chandrashekar N
Mr. Manjunath S
Ms. Ashwitha
Mr. Ajith P Mathews
Dr. Arun Kumar S
Ms. Noor Fathima
Dr. V S. Prakash
Dr. Hanumantappa Bherigi
Mr. Biju. M
Dr. Brighton A Rose
Dr. Rajeesh C S
Dr. M. Ambrose Rajkumar
Dr. Krishnamoorthi M
Mr. Haribaskar
Dr. Masilamani C
Dr. Prasanna P.
Dr. Mathiyarasan M
Dr. Pauline V N
Dr. Rema M. K
Mr. Ashok D
Dr. Deekshith, Kumar M
Meshram Pradhnya Prabhu
Dr. Sateesh Kumar T K
CA Akhil Manuel
Dr. Priyanka Ghosh
Dr.Poornima I
Mr. Allwyn F
Dr. Ravi Sankar K

CSA Consolidated Report 2019-20 [VIEW HERE]

CSA Consolidated Report 2018-19 [VIEW HERE]

CSA Consolidated Report 2017-18 [VIEW HERE]

CSA Consolidated Report 2016-17 [VIEW HERE]

CSA Consolidated Report 2015-16 [VIEW HERE]

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