Erudite Club

Erudite Club is the literary and cultural club of the Department of English. The club was constituted with the following objectives:

  • to develop and sharpen the literary skills of the students
  • to provide a platform for their creative expressions
  • to link classroom learning with the cultures across the globe
  • to promote interactive learning through cultural exchanges

The main activities of the club are:

Delphia is an intra-collegiate literary fest. The main objective of the fest is to create an interest in global literature and culture. It instils in the students a sense of universal brotherhood as different literatures are explored in the diverse events conducted in the fest. The cynosure of the fest is ‘Live Exhibition’. As is evident from the name, the live exhibition attempts to bring alive the characters from the world of literatures, in front of the audience. The enactment of various scenes from renowned literary works leave an indelible mark on the minds of the participant-students as well as the audience. The live exhibition transports the audience to the world of fantasy through the spectacular setting and the apt enactment. The live tour led by the narrators provides a visual treat along with emotional engagement.

The fest also provides an opportunity for students to develop their literary skills through creative writing and slam poetry. Creative writing improves their writing skills by systematically organising imaginative ideas and critical thinking. Slam poetry is a platform to recite their own poems in front of an audience and this in turn helps them to develop their communication skills overcoming their inhibitions and stage freight.

A few other attractions of the fest are ‘Treasure Hunt’ that challenges them to unravel the mysterious puzzles and riddles; ‘Cosplay’ which initiates them to solo performance in the costume of a character; Poster Making that gives visual expression to a literary theme; Personality Contest that challenges the participants to present themselves in the most appropriate use of words and sentences; JAM which refines the listening skills and articulation of ideas; and ‘Narrative Wars’ that enhances creative thinking, articulation and presentation. Delphia is open to improvisation with innovative items that uphold the objectives of the erudite club.

Expressions is the literary magazine of the department. It encourages and publishes the creative expressions of the budding artists of Kristu Jayanti College. The essays, short stories, poems, collages, cartoons and such creative endeavours published in Expressions exhibit the outstanding talents of the young minds.

Society of Poets
The main objective of this society is to identify the potential poets and to promote their artistic talents. It is a forum for the likeminded poets to come together and to exchange their ideas and to support one another. It helps them to express their creative ideas through the medium of the spoken words of poetry.

Theatre performance
Theatre performance offers an arena for promising actors to polish their skills. The club stages Shakespearian plays annually as a tribute to the Bard and to initiate the students to the same field. Rigorous training and rehearsals prior to the staging inculcates discipline and enhances interpersonal skills of the students. In the whole process the students become more confident, able to take risks and to be focused. It is also a hands-on-training to improve their accent and diction.

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